Thursday, 10 December 2009

2 days back...

Hi everybody!

I had a quite busy 1,5 weeks. Lots of things gone around.

My new PowerTap hub and my super6's SI cranks turned up last Thursday. I built my new training rear wheel quickly and I can say "good bye" for the tub punctures now. The setup is PowerTap Elite hub, DT Swiss Revo black spokes and Mavic Open Pro Ceramic rim. The hub isn't the lightest option, but weight wasn't too important, I had to chose the budget option this time of the year.
My new Super6 was nearly done. I waited only my new SI crankset, which one (big thanks for Mr. Ian Carvel from Cannondale Europe) turned up end of last week. I quickly finished the bike and looked forward the first test ride. It happened last Sunday. I had to say I wet myself from the pleasure... I felt from the first second me and my new bike know each other ages ago. I just tried it with my "flexy" training wheels , but I have to say never ever felt this stiffness in my life. Thanks for the BB30 and tapered head tube the bike is unbelievable responsive and stiff! After my 4,5 hours training session I just felt, I don't wanna stop.....I think I found a bike and brand for a life... Cannondale forever!

This week is my rest week before the training camp. In the same time I had to do FTP test yesterday. I rode 312 watts average on the turbo, which one means my FTP is 296 watts, nearly 4.6 watts/kg.... I am more than happy with this result, it is not a bad go middle of december, after 6 weeks training. Basically my strength increased nearly 20% in the last 6 weeks.

I have 2 days more back this year. I am flying out to Lanzarote on Sunday early morning for a 12 days training camp. I will come back 24. evening and celebrating the Christmas with couple of good friends. I will hardly work between Xmass and New Years eve, it means I have time to training, rest and planing my next season.

Ok, I have a go now, I have to start to pack in....

See you soon!

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