Monday, 30 November 2009

What a weekend....

My last weekend was full with challenge. Saturday morning I had 3 hours training session before work. I left the house 4:40 in the morning. Weather was very cold but dry! The planed route was Southfields- Wandsworth - Croydon- Epsom - KIngston- Richmond- Soutfields. Everything went well, until I left Epsom and around half way, middle of nothing in the pitch black I heard some not to good noise from the back.... puncture... crap.... I run over something sharp and cut half my rear tub. Ok, I thought, no panic, I have a spare tub with me. I tried to do quick as possible in the freezing cold, but I had to realize the new tub's valve was too short and remove the valve extender from the punctured tub was nearly impossible without tool. I had to find my MacGyver mine and I sorted the problem and I was on the bike 10 minutes time. I had some scary moment on the way home with the feel, I havn't any money with me, I have to go in work and I havn't any more spare tub with me, but thanks God I got home without any problem and I had plenty of time for a breakfast is well before I went work.
Sunday was better on the technical side, I managed my 4 hours ride without any puncture, but the weather was unbelievable bad. It was 4 hour massive rain and wind storm with 3 times 3 minutes sunny period. But I love challenges and I really enjoyed the ride. Only one thing was a bit annoying... I didn't eat any breakfast and I didn't bring any energy bar with me... 4 hours without any food or drink... I think I lost my routine a bit over a last couple of weeks... When I got home I attacked the fridge and I just ate all day long. I finished the day in the gym and on the evening I felt the satisfying tiredness in my whole body, what I didn't fell ages ago! Good job!

After my tub-puncture series and the last week Mavic course I did my decision! I really love the feel riding with tubs and full carbon rims, but I am sick about punctures. In this bad quality London roads tubs are useless! I rode more then 1000km on Mallorca and I didn't have any problem but here I get puncture every second day.
Plan is the next. I am going to sell my FFWD wheels with the Powertap and keep for meantime my OpenPro Ceramic - PowerTap wheelset ( originally these are my winter training wheels, but I think they are good enough in my Super6 is well. I don't really plane any major road race in the next season.) And when the Metrigear's new powermeter system will be available , I am buying one of these and in the same time I put a pair of Mavic R-SYS SL in my bike.

Training camp is 2 weeks away. I have a quite hard week now, after FTP test and I will take a rest until the camp. I havn't any idea what is my coach planing for a TC, but I have a feel I have to collect lots of mileage on the island! I am looking forward!

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