Monday, 14 June 2010

End of the rest and time to harvest...

My total rest week has ended! (thanks God!) I am really looking forward to get back in training. I had a short ride and a gym session today and I will do 1,5 hours ride and some run tomorrow. I got my weekly plan, which one looks quite easy... but I am more than happy , that I can train again. I have to really look after myself in the next 10 weeks. 24 hour world champ ship is 10 weeks away. In meantime I have a 6 hours race 4th of July, Salzkammergut trophy 17th of July and the Bontrager 12 hours night race in Plymouth a week after Salzkammergut. I am so excited and full with motivation. I try to do my best end cut all small edges!

The last week was sooooo booorinnngggg! I hate rest weeks, but sometimes I need a proper rest. Weekend was ok, I kept myself busy, shopping, cooking, housework and reading. I had a dinner with one of my friend, Vlad. He is a italian chap and he can cook proper italian food under 5 minutes. We had a nice pasta dish with a glass of good red wine and healthy dessert option, apple and dark chocolate. Ohh and we ate nearly 300gr pistacia before dinner. I wasn't to successful chief on the weekend! :( I tried to do some non-baking protein bar... end of the day I had to baked, because it was to sticky. Result? Pfff.... catastrophic, but healthy! :) Today wasn't good either. I tried to bake some pumpkin pie, but I put too much Stevia in and I had a pumpkin syrup...yakkk...
I bought my plain ticket to Germany this afternoon. I found some bargain ticket with AirBerlin. I booked the ticket, but I have to call the customer service, I couldn't book the bike via online. Sucks.

Other great news! :D I had a first harvest in my mini greenhouse this evening. I removed the done sprouts and put small plastic boxes in the fridge. I have healthy biosnack for a whole week! :)

Ok, it is late now, time to go in the bed!

Nite nite

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