Thursday, 24 June 2010

Rest Monday, end of power cut and Cannondale 2011

First of all, I haven't broadband for a couple of days... Our BT line got cancelled somehow and we have to wait 2-3 days until the new line fitted in.

I started this week really hopefully after my terrible last week. Monday was my rest day and my carb load day. I found out, that I didn't take enough carb in the last couple of days and possible that was the problem behind my weak performance. I started the day in the gym, I had 1,5 hours upper body workout. After I rode to Earls Court when I had some breakfast with Adel. I picked up some fresh British strawberry on the market on the way and we had a good old classic porridge with it. After breakfast we went for a walk and we had a nice Mexican lunch in Whole Foods. On the way out we picked up some Wallaby bars for snacking. These are from Australia and hasn't contain gluten or added sugar. We finished the afternoon in Kensington garden with a big cup of Starbucks coffee and couple of M&S cookies (hmm.. they are not the healthy option, full on sugar and wheat, but sometimes you need a cheat). I consumed 2 servings of Vitargo for a better carb load during the day. I went in the bed really early and looked forward the next morning training. I was so nervous and I didn't sleep well....

I was awake v around 5:30. I headed out to train quickly. I had 30gr Vitargo before exercise. The first sign was good. I didn't have any blood sugar problem after 20 minutes. I got in the park and after a half lap I started to do my intervals workout. Everything was fine and I felt myself strong again. I think problem is sorted, I have to take much much more carb then before I did. Hopefully end of my power cut and I can perform well on the next weekend 6 hours Enduro race.

I had appointment with my dentist again. He finished my tooth and put the final filling in. I haven't any more bad teeth , thanks God!

I did a huge order wit SS health food on Monday afternoon and the pack arrived next day. This is service for you... I ordered 11 boxes protein bars, it was on offer. Ok, not all mine, but I keep 4 boxes! :)

Yesterday was a really good day. The British weather turned glorious! Sunshine all day long. When I left in the gym around 6:30 in the morning, it was backing outside already. I had a lots of basic jobs (first services and bike builds) in the morning and I decided to work on the back yard. It was quite good fan, working half naked and sunglasses on. The Cannondale rep popped in the shop on the afternoon and showed for us the 2011 range. We are not aloud to post any picture or info, but I have to say the new carbon cross bike looks amazing! It is already on my Xmas list. Lots of change in the road and mountain line is well..models disappeared and new ones came.

Ok ladies and gentleman , time for breakfast now!

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