Sunday, 27 June 2010

Broadband is back, speedway course in Richmond park?!

After couple of days my broadband in working order again. My flat mate Janice sorted out the new BT line for us.

I saw the signs about road resurfacing last weekend in Richmond park. When I went for a ride in the park on Tuesday morning, I got a shock. Sorry, but this idiots did again... resurfacing work? What? Put gravel on the tarmac? Sorry guys, but do you have a giraffe??? Are you wanted to be Richmond park part of the Olympic course? I think you came from some different planet... People are really upset, this surface is very dangerous to ride and riders can get puncture easily. Ok, I know, Richmond park is not only for cyclist, but this park is the green heart of London, lots of people use for sport and I think you should look after it and not fucking up! May be you should thinking about banning traffic! I think it is unacceptable, that every day is a full traffic jam in the park in the rush hours, because drivers try to do sort cut across the park.
Pictures from our new speedway course (well done government):

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