Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rest days...

After the prize giving ceremony we drove back in London on Saturday night. I went in a bed around 2:30 and I was awake 6 o'clock already. Usually I can't sleep after long races. I started the day in the kitchen and the last two days I didn't really stop eating. I couldn't count the calories what I spanked in the last two days.
I tried to sleep on the afternoon, but I gave up after 20 minutes. I had a shower and a coffee and after I went to shopping some good food in Whole Foods Market. I stopped nearly all shop on the way and I bought some little meal or drink everywhere. I finished in the bed around 10 o'clock and I slept 10 hours in one go.

The "eat everything" mission countinued on Monday morning and I still couldn't stop to eat today. I went a bit on the junk way on Monday, my flat mate made some milk tart and I was really helpful to eat it. I think I had more chocolate bars and sweets on Sunday - Monday then in the past 3 months.
Today I ate more healthy but still too much. The rest of the day was ok, but the protein bar, protein shake and 300gr steak for dinner may be a bit to much... I will try to cut back a bit on calories in the next couple of days.

Tibi, my friend and driver and part of my support crew, did some video on the English Marathon Championship last year and finally he put in one piece!

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