Sunday, 20 June 2010

Moody week with weak performance, 2 boxes painkillers and nice foods...

End of this week, thanks good God! I have an easy gym session tonight and I can rest after. This week was terrible, I just back from rest week and I didn't perform to well. My training were weak. I didn't eat enough carb during the week, I had blood sugar problem every morning after 20 minutes on the bike. I think the dentist and the 2 boxes painkillers, what I ate in 2,5 days didn't help either. But it is over, I have to chill tomorrow and feel up myself for a next week. I haven't time to waste! Hurry up Szabi! Shut up and train! :D

After the lots of negative things I had couple of positive experiences are well. I put back the tub wheels in my Super6 and the ride quality is far much better! It is more comfy and the bling factor is extended. Ride the bike with the FFWD wheels did my couple of nostalgic moments, and I had a lots of thoughts around Lanzarote and Mallorca and this made me a bit more positive.

She is beautiful! Isn't she?

I tried couple nice and healthy food options. The first one is Heather's idea, but I gave a new name for it. It is omelet with Goat cheese and jam. Yes, eggs, cheese and apricots jam. Heather posted this recipe on her blog couple of days ago and since I found it, I couldn't get out from my head. This morning after my training I was in a bad mood and I wanted to eat something different... I decided pop in the shop and buy some Goat cheese and jam. I didn't really want to go out, but I must to do... I had a long hesitation... go in the shop...don't go in the shop... go in the shop... End of the day I did it, and because I mooned a lots about the going out I decided give a new name for this omelet: Heather's fault! It is her fault, because she posted this brilliant recipe and I couldn't say no to d it! :D It was amazing and I have to have one more portion soon.

(the shape isn't the best, but I am really rubbish with omelet making...)

When I been in the shop I found something interesting. Non dairy parmesan cheese. I bought a box and I was really excited to try it. I did some roasted aubergine with tomato and parmesan (I used the new one), chicken and spinach. I have to say the cheese is great. Ok, it isn't taste lake a authentic italian parmigiano but really good choice for who wanna skip dairy products. (I hope my italian friend Vlad dosn't throw me on heretic fire)

Ok, I finished my post and my late lunch is well. I have to go in the gym and after I have a meeting with couple of good friends...something new is coming up soon... :)

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Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Haha - your omelet looks about as rough as my pancakes did this morning, but what matters is the taste. So glad you enjoyed, and yes, your bike is a beauty!

Sorry about the rough week, and I hope you were able to get some rest and train better this coming week!

PS - love the "Heather's Fault" sign...totally made my day!