Monday, 28 June 2010

What a great weekend!

I had a brilliant weekend! It started with Saturday evening. I went for 9km run after work. The weather was really nice, glorious sunshine, 26 degrees, Smashing Pumpkins in the ears and 9km in 41 minutes and 17 second! Fast legs are back, good sign!

I was awake really early and headed out 4,5 hours ride on Sunday morning. I rode out to Box hill and did the zig-zag climb 10 times. The weather was really good, may be it was a bit too hot. I had 1 liter of water before I left and I drunk 2 bottles of drink on the bike. When I got home, I checked my weight and I was 2kg lighter. Good workout, I am happy to feel the power in my legs again.
I had a huge and healthy lunch, beef with broccoli, chicory and sprouts.

I spent the afternoon with resting and I went down to Earls Court to meet with Adel around six. Until I waited for her, I had a massive Frappucino in the next door Starbucks...sugar bomb. I was shocked, when I found out, that one Frappucino contains 54gr of sugar! Pff... OK, sometime, I can have some junk.
Adel had a nice surprise for me, she bought me a Starbucks Red travel mug! I wanted one long time ago!

Today was my rest day. It was a bit active, but I had time to rest is well. We sorted out our shopping in the morning, I had a massive monthly shopping in Whole Foods and Tesco. I wasn't able to carry all my staff at home, I just managed half of it, but this 3 bags weighted 20 kg! I bought a lots of nut butters, grains and basic foods. After the shopping we had a massive lunch in the Whole Foods restaurant, just a usual Mexican one... yammi, toslada rulezz forever! After I still felt peckish and I had a yogurt pot, which one was really disappointing and rip off for £3.29. Anyway, that's life.

We spent the whole afternoon in Holland Park. Sunshine, ginger beer and gluten free pretzel and chocolate coated rice cakes... perfect afternoon snack! :)

I am off to the bed now, I am starting the day with run and I am

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