Friday, 11 June 2010

New projects and huge appetite

Weekend is here, hurra! I still have a rest and I am not aloud to do any training, what is not too good. First of all, I am going to be mental, secondly I eat everything. My appetite is huge! I ate unbelievable lots and in the bad time. Usually I just have a protein shake after my evening training. I eat my last big meal around 5 o'clock, but in the last 4 days I didn't have appetite during the day but I started to starving after 7 o'clock. I think my body was quite empty, what isn't surprising after the hard season start. I hope, that I can fuel up and do everything on 110% in the next 10 weeks.

I have couple of new project. First one is my new training/crit/winter bike. I got my "new"CAAD 5 frame yesterday. Thanks for Russ, he kindly sorted out one for me. It is in really early stage, it will get a Honky's old Campy Veloce set, a pair of hand built wheels with Powertap hub and may be an Easton EC70 fork (this Cannondale Six Carbon one is looks shit in the alloy frame) and a Power crank crankset.

Second project is my own mini green house. I bought a bioSnacky germinator and I started to grown my own shoots and sprouts. One more healthy food choice. (what I really need after the last couple of days..) I put 3 different seed mix in and hopefully I can start to harvest 2-3 days time. Ohh my God,it is full Farmville feeling, just in live! :)

Third project is some cooking project for Sunday. I will try to do my first pumpkin pie. I love pumpkins in all format and I read a lots of time about pumpkin pie is how delicious. I found original pumpkin pie filling in WHole Foods Market. I got the recipe from Heather straight from the US. It is the absolutely healthy version and we can call it nearly 100% paleo.
After the pie mission I will try to do my own protein bars. I am sick about how pricey are protein bars and in the same time all full with artificial stuff, GM ingredients and SUGAR(?!). Yep, you need some carb with protein, because it helps protein synthesis , but not 15-10 grams in one go!

Ok, I have to have some quality sleep now, possible it will be interesting with full tummy..
Nite, nite!

Check out Heather's blog for couple of healthy recipes!

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