Friday, 28 August 2009

14 days back...

Oh yes, 14 days until my first 24 hour solo race. I am really excited now! I will 
fly back to Hungary 5th September and spend some time with my family and friends until the race. But, what's happened since I got a cold a week ago???
Thanks God, I deal with my cold really quickly, I was over it under 13 hours. Only my garlic-ginger smell was a bit bad.... After this quick recovery I had a bloody good ride on Sunday. I did a 5 hours ride in Richmond park. I started 6 o'clock on the evening and I finished 11. I had to finish the ride bit earlier what was expected, because I calculated wrong my battery's life and my light switched off middle of the trail in the pitch black. The last 5 km was quite interesting...

Sunset in Richmond park

" life gets larger after dark"

After the ride I went back in the shop and I had a sleep on downstairs, because we went for a ride with 2 of our customers to Wales Monday morning. We did two different trails around Affan ( The wall and a White trail). The weather was poring down rain, and trails were really muddy but I 100% sure everybody really enjoyed this ride. This was Gavin and Nick first off-road ride and I have to say, James didn't really select the easiest trails! But both chaps did the best and everybody still in live! :D
I really enjoyed the whole day, nice climbs and technical downhills. I was a bit tired after 5 hours sleep, but it was a good training. End of the day all the guys  got some injury and I managed loose my rear disc brake bolts. James never can finish any ride without falling of the bike.... he managed it now is well! Anyway he blames me... I was too slow front of him and he couldn't see the trail... aha! Hopefully we can organize one more ride before the winter!
Ok, it is the last 7 day's short story! I am off the bed now! 

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