Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Over the first week

This is my second week after the break. I feel myself better and stronger day to day. Ok, I couldn't week up on time this morning, I will do my training after work.... :)
I did some awesome night ride last Sunday. I had family program whole day (sight seeing) and we finished in the italian restaurant at 7 o'clock. After dinner I went out Richmond and picked up my bike and went straight in the park. When I started the ride around 9:30, was pitch black already. I did nearly 4 hours, 91km. It was lovely! I didn't ride in dark ages ago! The park was quite busy... couple of drunk people, lots of deers, foxes and a bunch of kamikaze rabbit.... small rabbits, which ones tried to jump under my front wheel... I got back in the shop around 1:30, changed quickly my bike and pushed home. I was in the bed around 3 o'clock. Hopefully I will do some similar ride the next Sunday. I need some more night practice before the 24 hour race.

I am going to visit the new 2010 Mavic range tomorrow night. The shop got a invitation for a product launch. I will take some nice photos and post here. 

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