Monday, 13 December 2010

140 days ago...

Well, I haven't done anything here exactly 140 days ago! It is a little bit shame, but I wasn't really in the blogging mood! Other side... nobody really shouted me " Szabi... why don't you do your blog????"
Anybody interested????
Okay, I don't give a flying shit! :)
I do again , because I enjoy it again! I will carry on blogging about my everyday life, my mad cycling habit, my food addiction and one of my new obsession , running! So ladies and gentlemen, tick your follow button and keep ready your "like" sign please!

Last 140 days in nutcase:
- 24 hours world championship- nearly second, but I finished 4th. Not bad, but I still have a little nail in my proudness...
- New sponsor- CompresSport! Really big thanks for Tim Williams, who give me a chance and his support!
- London Duathlon- Ultra distance: My first duathlon race in my life, finished 2nd in age group and 17th overall! Well happy! I never did 20 km run for one go in my life..
- Huge building work and changes at work! Check out our new web page!
- Started winter training 7 weeks ago....

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