Friday, 30 December 2011

New toys... Garmin Edge 800 and Suunto Memory belt

My old Garmin 705 gave up last week. I managed to fix it partly but the mapping system still doesn't wanna work. I can upload any pre-made route plan, 705 put my 190k Oxford loop on the screen all the time. I was a bit afraid to get bored easily with this lap, I decided to make some update on my training partner. 705 worked 4 years for me, he did the job! RIP!

I ordered a new Edge 800 yesterday. In the same time bought a Suunto Memory belt with docking station as well. I used my T6D to record my sleep over the nights, but it lost connection between the watch and belt frequently and I had enough of my coach moaning....

Both turned up this morning. Happy days.

Suunto Memory belt is a great gadget. It can record more then 24 hours data. It doesn't need any head unit (but also sync able with any ANT Suunto watch), you can just connect it to the computer and download the data after your exercise. Good stuff! My coach can monitoring my sleep and rest without missing a heart beat!

But my new Edge 800 is more exciting! I used Martin's one during the last couple of days and I have to say I was quite impressed with it. But I got absolutely excited, when I figured out the best ever functions on it! (only SRM PowerControl had this functions before). You can check your Normalised Power (NP), Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Scores (TSS) during your ride! Ok, if you are not a data and power junky, these don't mean you too much....

I know they are going to be a major help to me in the future and make me training harder!

Looking forward to try them in the next couple of days.


Eri Rubin said...


quick question, can you get the Garmin to connect to the memory belt ?

SoloSzabi said...

Hi Eri,

Unfortunately Garmin is ANT Plus, Suunto is just ANT! Memory belt doesn't work with Garmin, I only use it to record my sleep during the night. Also I also realised the iAthlete doesn't communicate with Memory belt, just it works with my T6D's belt... pain in the ass... :)

Tisztul_A_Visztula said...


"only SRM PowerControl had this functions before"

I am afraid you are wrong. Cycleops Joule 2.0 from Saris have had the ability of displaying the Trainingpeaks stuff since its launch, which was 2010.


Tisztul_A_Visztula said...

But anyway thanks for your comment on memory belt, you saved me a ride to a shop to test the connection between my 910XT and Suunto's memory belt.