Monday, 19 December 2011

New sponsorships and long rides

Last two weeks.... Well, they were not quite. For starter, two weekends ago I moved house. It was a bit draft idea to ride nearly 5 hours and finish off my training 1,5 hours before the moving started. Anyway, I am over on it now, I live the doorstep of Richmond park and 5 minutes from work and my cat is overly happy with the bigger space. It was a bit hard to concentrate to recovery and packing out in the same time...

Happy cat

I have some exciting news for starter!  I am sponsored by Good Hemp Nutrition for next season. I just received my starting package last Thursday. I have a box full with goodness! I received 3 months supply vegan hemp protein powders and recovery drinks and I also got some Good Hemp oil and shelled hemp seeds!
 Exciting... and taste very very good!

I am going to write a long post about Good Hemp Nutrition in the next couple of days! In a meantime just have a look on the company's website!

I also got confirmation about CompresSport sponsorship as well! I just had a meeting with CompresSport UK Tim last Monday, when he made me sure about the company's support for next season! (I love CompresSport gears, I am wearing the long socks while I am typing this post....)

 I had a quite interesting Friday-Saturday-Sunday combo.

Friday morning the weather was bad! Rain, cold, wind.... I didn't want to sit on the turbo and I decided to change my early morning session for an after work one. It wasn't a good idea... during my training I hit a bloody pothole in Richmond park and came off from the bike. No injury and I was on the bike again 20 seconds later, but bike needed some repair and my bib tights and coat are written off now. DOH!

Saturday was brilliant! I had an hour roller session and it went very very well! I produced some enormous amount NP! Yippi! I am still strong....

Sunday was epic! I decided to ride to Oxford. I left quite early and I rode in piano in the first two hours. Everything was frosted and slippery. I came back on different way by Henley-on-Thames. 6 hours and 25 minutes and 181km with 1288m climbing. Perfect day! I made a little mistake on the way back, I should not come back via Slough. Traffic and traffic lights were terrible and I lost lots of time on this bit. Epic day, but not enough! I have some big plan for next weekend! :)

Henley on Thames

Now just 4 days in work and 6 days off! I am planning some longer ride, but I am going to concentrate for some fun and rest as well! Training camp is coming up 3 weeks time and I shouldn't kill myself before it!

Well, take care everyone and watch the potholes! ;)

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