Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rapha 500... only once! - Part 1

Oh well, big plan, good start and early finish! That is how I can describe my Rapha 500 twice plan. My coach was a bit sceptic from the beginning, because I had lots of training during the last 3 weeks and he was planning to have a rest week for me. Everything went well at the beginning, but around Xmas and Boxing day my sleep and rest were not right and my form started to go a bit pear shape. Nothing serious, but my coach pulled the brake and told me to STOP. I can't take any risk, because my first training camp is coming up in 10 days time. No point to go away with some cold or over training and can't enjoy my "holiday"! But no real reason for moaning, I had enough fun and some great ride in this 5 days.

Day 1- 23. December:

I only had a short ride, because this was my third loaded week without any rest. I delivered a Xmas card for one of our friend and I rode a lap in the park. I covered 31km. End of the day I felt very tired and I couldn't think on next day ride.

Day 2 - 24. December:

I woken up quite late, but I felt well compering to the day before. During breakfast I had to realise my Garmin mapping system didn't want to work. I decided to go in the park and rode at least 20 laps. I finished 21 laps and covered 231km. I had lots of fun! After couple of laps friend of mine, Johnny turned up and he rode 6 laps with me. We had a quick coffee stop and he left me after his 6th lap. I carried on riding around. My friend and massage therapist Martin turned up around half three. He brought me a fresh coffee and his light. I finished the day with 21 laps and 231km. I rode home happy and with a wide smile on my face. I had a great day, I felt very good!
Johnny and me

Martin just turned up

Day 3 and 4: 25.- 26. December:

This two days meant to be my rest days before my other two epic rides. On 25th we had a Christmas ride altogether and after I just went out for an hour easy ride. The whole day was quite active, no chance to rest. I thought 26th is going to be my real rest day. We had a great Christmas dinner made by Martin & Sue.
Xmas bike tree

On my recovery ride...

26th morning I headed out early and rode to Brick lane. I was responsible for the breakfast. I bought fresh bagel for everyone from London's best bagel shop.
The day went very quick, no rest just some silly boxing day shopping spiced with tube strike and spend the whole evening in the kitchen preparing a 4 courses full vegan dinner. That was a point when I felt first some odd tiredness........
Best bagel shop in London

I covered only 60k in this two days.

Part 2 is coming soon....

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