Friday, 11 January 2008

New horse in my stable....88

Yesterday my new Kona has arrived. No... It is not one more racing spec lightweight bike... It is the Kona Eighty-Eight. Kona`s 25th anniversary bike. Kona made just 500 pieces. It is fulled with funky stuffs: Brooks leather saddle, back pedal brake, wood looking rim, nice black full mudgards, very wide handlebar with big chunky grips and lockable "fuel" tank for your small gadget.

As Kona says:
"The Kona '88 celebrates Kona's 20 years of building rolling thunder. Sounds manly doesn't it? Actually...we just humbly build great bikes for educated customers all over the world. "Rolling Thunder" just sounded really tough at the time...The '88 needs no explanation... just look at it. We're done writing now."

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