Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Next season bike...

I started to plan my next year racing bike. I would like to build a little lighter, than it was last year. The King`s weight is 11.4kg now, I am planning to build around 10.6kg. I am keeping the frame and fork. The frame will get a `07 Hei Hei Supreme`s bushing kit, I can save approx 100gr with it. Next step is the lighter wheels, I think it is important to find the right spec. You have to make a compromise between lightness and strongness. It is a big nightmare if you have to give up your race in the 22. hours, because of some technical problem. My choice is the new Mavic CrossMax SL (this set`s weight is same than the SLR`s one) with Conti Explorer Supersonic tyres and Stans fluid. I would like to replace the brake system. The bike has a pair of Avid Juicy Carbon. It is over 900gr. I think this system is little overbuild. I hesitate beetwen the Juicy Ultimate and Hope Mini Pro.
Last couple of steps are the new bottom bracket, new seatpost, new grips and new pedals and cassette. I think I can make a lighter bike without loosing any strongness.

CrossMax SL(2006)+Conti Explorer+Stans Fluid+Sram 990 Cass.:3260gr
CrossMax SL(2008)+Conti Explorer SS+Stans Fluid+XTR Cass.:2835gr

Avid Juicy Carbon with Hope floating disc:847gr
Avid Juicy Ultimate with Hope floating disc:640gr

Other bits:

Easton EC70 seatpost:210gr
Ritchey WCS seatpost:178gr

Truvative Stylo Team BB with bolts:315gr
FRM BB with bolts:182gr

Time Attack Carbon:340gr
Look Quartz Carbon:240gr

Ergon grips GP1(short):140gr
Ergon grips GX1(short):90gr

Total save: approx:947gr

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