Thursday, 17 March 2011

Middle of the week

Middle of the week already. Today was a rest day for me. I decided to take full off from training. The last couple of days were quite busy and Kingston Breakfast run is coming up soon. I have one more hard interval session tomorrow and I cut back on training gradually now... taper time! I never did running race in my life. I did only the London Duathlon Ultra distance last year, but it was a bit different. I tried to guess and decide in my ideal pace for this 16 miles race, but it isn't too easy. I think I just give a go for it... and how I am feeling. Back to my bike races, I never made any target speed before the race, I just rode, how I felt ok and it was working...

Unfortunately my feet still don't shrink and my LG2s are still small... I think I have to get some new shoes..again! :D
Fair enough originally I didn't buy the LG2s for running, they still stay my casual shoes. I try to find some nice Lunar Elite-s or Lunar Spider-s for a good price.

Ahhh new shoes! My pair of bright yellow Mavic Zxellium turned up day before yesterday. Time for a test ride soon...

I ran again in my Free-s yesterday morning, I did 3,5km. I feel myself more and more confident run to run in this slippers, but after this short distance I have huge tiredness in my feet. I know, time and patients.

Our Bruges trip is coming up soon. Basically we are leaving London on Monday 28th morning. I hope I will be able to move! :D
I am looking forward the 3 days trip in Belgium, and the Cromwell Plaza hotel with a lots of stars. I also can't wait to drink some Kwak again and taste some real Belgian chocolate. I think I have to miss the waffle trip this year.... or may be I have just ONE! ( and not 15/day, then last year).

Yep, missing waffle... I am "grain free" more then a month now! And you know what? I don't miss it... Okay, sometimes. I don't say, that I never ever eat grain again. I am not on strictly diet or this is not religion.. if I am going to be feel some craving after grains, I have some. But I feel myself great without it at the moment.

I managed to made some really nice dishes over the last few days.

I made a raspberry and goat cheese salad for dinner last week. I used spinach and red cabbage for base and added some raspberry and goat cheese for it. The finishing touch was the Atkins and Potts Raspberry and Black pepper salad dressing! It was amazing! The black pepper really gave a good kick for a whole salad. Okay , this salad contains some dairy product... basically it isn't full paleo, but .... but what? :) Goat milk products are freaking good for you! Ask Cleopatra....

My second creation was zesty chicken breast with orange caramelised broccoli! Oh yeh! I found this recipe in my Paleo cooking book.
Welcome in my lunch box!

And beginning of this week I made some duck breast with orange salad and sweet potato. I were craving after duck breast ages.... I know it isn't the leanest choice, but once in a while I can have some bad!

And we shouldn't forget about the dessert. I have one "bad" addiction! I can't say NO for a good dark chocolate. I really like chocolates with over 85% cocoa solid.
I managed to pick up couple of bars Seed & Beans chocolate bars in Whole Foods. I had couple of strange flavour in my selection, Extra Dark with Lavender, Extra Dark with Cornish Sea Salt and Extra Dark with Pumpkin Seeds and Hemp Oil. All had 72% cocoa solid, it means all were a bit sweet. I really liked the salted one, lavender and pumpkin seeds one were nice as well. Seed & Beans is a small British company, who makes handmade chocolate bars from organic and fair trade ingredients. Highly recommended to try it!

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