Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The lucky number is... 1208!

Kingston Breakfast run is coming up 3 days time. I did my last training before the race last night. I just had 50 minutes with 3 times 5 minutes on target race tempo. I felt great, but my left leg still sore a bit. I haven't got any problem after 5-10 minutes, but it hurts a bit after heavy sessions. We will see, how weekend is going and worst case I take couple of weeks of from run after the race.
My race pack has been arrived by post today. Now I have got everything, start number, timing chip... basically I just have to do the warm up and stand on the start line on Sunday morning.

But today surprise wasn't only the start pack.. My new seat post turned up after long wait. I snapped my Ritchey Super Logic on last year during the Bristol Bike fest and I used Dave's Thomson rest of the season. Finally Crank Brothers started to make 27.2mm carbon seat post in 400mm length. Everybody make just 350mm long, which one isn't long enough for my meter legs. I ordered one Cobalt 11 end of last year... And finally it is here now! I have to give a good service and some love for my Scalpel soon.

I am looking forward the weekend, lots of coming up! Sunday is race day and we are going to Bruges early Monday morning for three days. Actually, my whole April looks very very exciting! Hell of North Rapha sportive ride is two weeks time. I just received the confirmation email from Rapha, I have a place! And yesterday we booked a six day trip to Malta end of April! Happy days.

The weather was glorious today! I decided to give a quick spin for my new Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes after work. I just rode an hour in the park and headed home, the week's motto is "take it easy"! My though about the shoes are coming soon!

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