Friday, 25 March 2011

Week of the freebies...and knee scan

Who likes freebies? Everybody, so do i! You just have to keep your eyes open and you can find plenty of free stuff! Usually big companies always have something to flog you.

The week is started with a small bag of Clipper Organic Tea bags. I just joined the club on Clipper's site and I will get free samples in the future. Tatammm, 3 days later a bag of tea bag landed in my post box!
The second surprise was a bottle of vanilla drops. It came from MyProtein. I order all my supplements from MyProtein long time ago. MP has a best price on the market and if you buy in bulk, you can get even better prices! I decided to order unflavored protein this time and MP sent a bottle of vanilla drop with it FOC! Thanks guys!
I am Starbucks card holder! (oh, big words... basically I registered on Starbuck's page) Time to time Starbucks has a really good offers. I got a voucher via email on Monday. It offered me a bag of free coffee beans on Thursday, if I buy a handcrafted drink! Here we go, medium black americano in my tummy, bag of coffee beans in my bag! Thank you very much!

This kind of freebies are good!

I got some other stuff free as well....but I can't call them freebies. They are more like presents. Time to time I get different sort of presents from customers and friends. It is really good feeling, it makes feel, somebody appreciate your work or your friendship.
One of our customers/my friend brought me some awesome gadget! It is a calf stretcher! He bought it for me in US! Tarek regularly go in US and most of the time he brings me different sort of running and cycling magazines, but today this little green gadget came with my magazines. Thanks mate!

I visited Forge Clinic on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for Matt, he find me a slot in his busy schedule and he spent some time to listen my moaning... I still had this odd pain/discomfort around my left knee (not inside the knee!). He had a closer look and scanned my knees. Thanks good everything is okay, just some small injury in the cartilage, I can keep moving. He showed around in my knees with the scanner. It was very very interesting. I love to have one of this scanner thing at home! :) You just marvel how wonderfully designed the human body!
Good news, my knees (joint and all sort of things) has NO sign of any wear! It looks like a 15 years old teenager's knees! Hurra!

I am going to bed soon. Tomorrow is race day! My race kit is prepared already. Wish me a good luck! :D

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