Monday, 21 March 2011

Short weekend, new shoes again, speed converter

My last couple of days in nutshell:
My weekend was very short, only one day! Usually I am off every Monday, but I swooped days with James and I was working today. Day was quite fun with Dave, just the usual "2 kids in the candy shop..."

We managed to fit me in the Cannondale box.... no comment..

My Sunday was very productive. I headed out for a short-long run in my new Nikes around 7:30. I ran just 15km, I had to cut back on training now, because Kingston Breakfast run is just couple of days away. I spent the rest of the morning with personal stuff and food shopping. I planed to try out some new recipes.
After a quick lunch we went up to High Street. We returned back our TV aerial, which one didn't seem to work and I wanted to buy some swimming short. Bruges trip is just a week away, we are staying in a hotel, what has a huge swimming pool and all my old swimming shorts are too big for me... and the hotel's swimming pool hasn't got a nudist section... :) I lost a fair bit of weight again, if I carry on this, I will be disappeared in the future. :D
We managed to return back the aerial,but I couldn't buy a short. It doesn't look good! :(

I started to cook quite late. I made first a roasted cauliflower and parsnip soup with cashew cream. I didn't check the recipe properly... and I made around 4 litres... It taste really nice and I am sure, this 4 litres of soup will go very quick.

4 litres of soup...

I also made some balsamic and garlic roasted brussel sprouts. I love brussel sprouts! Most of the people hate this lovely veg... I can't see the reason why?!
I bought uncleaned sprouts... I never do again! I spent around 40 minutes just taking off the top leafs and clean the sprouts. It is terrible job, trust me!
But the final product was very very tasty!

After the cooking session I finished the day in the gym with a little back workout and 3 km easy treadmill run in my Nike Free-s.

I headed out for a short ride on Saturday morning. I did only 60km, but I got absolutely frozen. Everything was frosted in Richmond park. I started to warm up after 45km.
View from top off Richmond hill

Freeze sunrise from Putney bridge

During the day (when I was working) the weather was gorgeous! I ran home after work. I got bonked half way home and I had to stop to eat some Cliff shot blocks. I was okay after 2 minutes again and thanks for the shot blocks I managed to run my quickest commuter ride. My average pace was 4:17 min/km. After a quick shower and some food I decided to go out and buy a pair of shoes..again. (I hope this Saturday evening shoe shopping isn't going to be an usual event...)
I bought a pair of Air Pegasus a week ago and I bought a pair of Lunar Elite now. Okok, I had a good reason! My Lunar Glides are too small, and the Pegasus isn't quick enough for speed and tempo workout and occasionally short distance racing. I really wanted to get a pair of racing flats, but I know I am not ready for those yet!
I bought the Elites in Sports Direct as well. Good price, no too much trouble.

Bite of London... Piccadilly circus, opposite Sports Direct

Here we go... my shoes obsession is definitely out of hand now...

Friday was my speed workout day! Oh my God! I never did this before. I went in the gym early morning and jumped on the treadmill. The plan was 6 times 1km in zone 6. (4:02-3:55 min/km). The I never keep myself for a plan...we know this.
My workout:
4km warm up
6X 1km tempo with 500m rests:
1-3:52 min/km
2-3:48 min/km
3-3:38 min/km
4-3:38 min/km
5-3:32 min/km
6-3:32 min/km
3,5km cool down.
I ran 16km in 1 hour and 6 minutes and I was exhausted!

Convert my speed from km/h to min/km or back are every time is a trouble for me.
I found a cool and helpful chart on the web, what makes my life easier.
It called treadmill conversions chart:

Just keep looking peeps, some bike related post is coming up soon! :)

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