Sunday, 6 March 2011


I have been injured.. :)
Okay, nothing serious, but I am taking 3-4 days off from running and legs weight sessions. I don't really know, what did happen. I have this "pain" inside of my left knee nearly two weeks ago, I thought it is nothing, but it didn't wanna go. It isn't really painful and I can't feel normal during run or cycling. It starts to be uncomfy, when I twist my leg or do really deep squats. I ask my super physio, Matt. He owns and runs the Forge Clinic in Richmond and I have to say he and little Dave (who is the running specialist) do damn good job. He recommended for me 3-4 days off from run, lots of ice and Nurofen cream. He reckons I tweaked my MCL or the meniscus. It is much much better after two days, but I still fell it a bit. Hopefully it disappearing for next Tuesday and I can carry on my training.

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