Monday, 14 March 2011

New shoes (again), immunity boosters and more running

I had to retired my old Sauconys after more then 900km usage. I started to use my Lunar Glide 2s last week. These are great shoes, but originally I bought them for normal casual use and not for running. I had to realised, they are too small for longer distance. And shoe dilemma has started again....
After reading couple of discussion about distance running, checking out articles and reviews I decided to get a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 27. Sports Direct has blinding deal on this shoes. I went and picked up a pair in Lilly White on Saturday evening.

I didn't wait too much with the test run, I headed out for a long run yesterday morning. The plan was up to 24 km. But the execution wasn't this easy.... Sunday morning was one of the "disaster" morning. I left my flat around 7:20 ... and I came back 26 minutes later....
Everything went wrong! :) First of all, I decided to try my new running waist pack , what Dave gave to me. I swear I never ever wanna use it again! I can't fit it right and it started to bouncing and turning around on my waist after 4 steps. This wasn't enough 10 minutes later my iPod's battery went flat and other 3 minutes later my Garmin's battery gave up as well. I decided to go back home and try to start the whole thing later on.
I headed out again an hour later, with fully charged battery and without any bouncing accessories. I finished the morning with 5,5 + 22km.....
I did nearly 28km in my new Pegasus and I have to say I am pretty impressed! They are very very comfy!
I went in the gym last night I did some back workout and also ran 3km on treadmill in my Nike Frees. I did 70,5km run last week.

We went for a little shopping yesterday afternoon. I picked up couple of battle Manuka Honeys and Pumpkin Seed butters in Holland & Barrets. H&B has a pretty good offer on now, buy 1 get one for a penny. I planed to try Manuka honey long times ago. It is from New Zealand, bees make it from Manuka bush and it claimed that have antibacterial properties and boosts immunity system. For starter I bought two jars of 15+ and later I will use the 10 or 12+. What are this pluses? Manuka honey has Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). This scale is between 0 and 30 and give an indication about the antibacterial activity in the honey. Higher the UMF, higher the antibacterial activity in the honey. If you wanna read about more, CLICK HERE.

I also picked up a Green Magma trial pack. I use barley grass powder nearly 6 months ago. I used the Lifestream one in the past, but I decided to give a go for a Green Magma now. It is a bit more price, but lots of people reckons it is the best on the market... It came with a little nice shaker, hurra!

Barley grass juice/powder is on of the most alkaline food, very high in antioxidants and nutritional properties. Basically it is a super food....

Saturday early morning me and Max did some "private" ride again. We left the shop around 6:30 in the morning. We rode my old training loop. Richmond- Wandsworth- Croydon- Epsom Downs- New Malden- Kingston - Richmond. Data with map is here.

Rest of the week wasn't particularly interesting. I did two shorter rides beginning of the week, but still the running dominates in my training. Kingston Breakfast run is less then 2 weeks away. I am really looking forward my first running race.

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