Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Run around Richmond park (on full blast), Whole Foods and double up Saturday...

I started the day with some unplanned running test today. I wanted to run just one lap in moderate tempo in Richmond park, but when I got true the gate everything changed.... I had a " how long is one lap take for me on the Tamsin trail?" question in my head long time ago. I had to have the answer this morning...
I ran up from the shop to the park, which takes good 8 minutes. It was enough warm up after the 20 minutes ride from Earl's Court. When I crossed the gate, I went mental and started to push it. I never ever run this fast for 11,5km. I felt really good myself. It was well over my comfortable running pace, but was excellent feeling! I felt my real own again, when I loose my mind and just push it. I finished the lap with 4:03 min/km average speed. Basically I ran around the park on the gravel path, it called Tamsin trail. The distance is 11,5km and it took me 46 minutes and 43 seconds. Is it good or not good time in usual? I don't know, but definitely this is my new PB! Data here!

Yesterday and Sunday were my usual off days. Yesterday I started the day with some house work (cleaning and shits..) and I headed out to the gym. The gym workout made me hungry and I came home to cook something before my Whole Foods mission. I made some super tasty paleo lunch. Orange poached fish! Here is the recipe ( after I post nearly all of my food on Facebook, I got couple of enquiry about recipes... I think it is time to start to share those...)

-4 medium fillets of any white fish ( I used mackerels... is it white? Mine was a bit brown...)
-1/4 cup dry white wine
-6 black peppercorns
-1 bay leaf
-1 small onion, sliced
-1 medium orange
- dried dill weed

In a large skillet, place the fish in a single layer. Add the wine, peppercorns, bay leaf, onion, and enough water to just cover the fish. Poach over medium heat until tender, then remove the fish from the pan and drain on paper towels. Squeeze the juice from one of the orange over the fish, and dust with dill. I used the other orange for side dish...
It was amazing.

After a little nap, I walked up to Whole Foods Market (whole pay check...)to spend a bag of money again... I bought nearly 2,5kg nuts, 6 bars of dark chocolate, soy yogurt, sheep milk chocolate pudding, Raspberry and Black pepper salad dressing, two boxes Dr. Stuart's herbal tea and a big jar apple sauce.
The chocolates will be interesting, they are Seed & Bean. The selection includes some really interesting one, like dark chocolate with lavender and extra dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and hemp oil....
The Atkins and Potts Raspberry and Black Peppercorn salad dressing rocks! I tried out last night and I love it! With spinach and goat cheese... yummm!

Sunday was a bit boring for me. I went out some early morning ride, but I got back 1,5 hours later. The weather was terrible, grey and miserable. I couldn't be asked... and Szamba either...

I had an invitation from one of my personal trainer friend. She works in David Lloyds Kingston. She wanted to show around and I could do my workout as well! I rode out to Kingston and back home. It added nearly 40km more for my daily miles. It is still not too much, but I have a priority on the running now in the next couple of months.

Saturday I did my first "run to work and back home" workout. I was so excited in the morning. I packed my stuff in my new Nike back pack and headed out in the rain at 7:30. I know now, it was a bit too early. The distance is 10km and takes comfy 42-44 minutes. Thanks to my new CompresSport gears it wasn't a problem to run back home after 9 hours standing work. It was a great fun! I plan to run longer and longer distances in the morning and just easy 10 km on the way back home. Good opportunity to clock up miles.

I didn't eat any grain in the last 9 days. I carry on this little "challenge". I don't think it has any major benefit after 9 days, but I noticed, that I am less tired during the afternoon... feel more energised?! I still drink my 3 litres of water every day as well....

But some new "cut out" started yesterday. I try to avoid peanuts! Why? I will tell you later.... It is too late now.

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