Friday, 18 February 2011

Upside down week, more Rapha and more running

I have a hectic week behind me. I skipped two work outs already.... bad bad bad!

This morning I woken up very early (thanks for early bed last night..) and I decided to ride out Richmond and do some hilly trail run in the park. I managed to make dirty my "new" AdidasKanadia TR3s finally. I bought this shoes nearly 3 months ago and I didn't have a chance to try out those. The weather was a bit chilly but ideal for running. The surface was a bit wet with couple of really muddy bits. I tried to make a most ascent, what was possible in an hour. I managed to do 13,3km and 273m climb.
I am pretty happy with my new shoes. They worked really well, only the cushioning was a bit hash on the tarmac bits. It isn't surprise after my pillow sole Saucony Triumph 7s. I lost a bit control only in the really deep and slippery mud. The fitting looks perfect, but I have to clock in more mileage before I can say honest opinion. Anyway for a price what I paid for it, itdefinitelywas a bargain!

I still feel a bit tired from this mad week, but it is much much better then yesterday! I skipped gym workout tonight and deepens how I am feeling, I try to do it tomorrow evening.

Forecast is pretty shit for a weekend, we cancelled our group ride and I cancelled my own private one is well. I will see in the morning, in the worst case I will run in work and home tomorrow and ride on Sunday.

Yesterday was an official second Rapha day for me! :D My order turned up...again. I ordered a new, size small Paul Smith hat and in the same time I put a pair of Paul Smith leather gloves in the basket as well.... Rapha heaven. Dave reckons I am going to be a tart and I will be not able to ride a whole lap in the park, if I carry on this things! :D Hopefully not... but I am already looking the new Rapha cycle specific jeans.... I am going to be bankrupt soon....

Wednesday I still felt myself really tired form missed Monday rest day. I did some gym workout in the morning, but I couldn't be asked to do anything after work. Yesterday was a same.... morning gym session and 40 minutes ride after work... I think I need a very very good sleep!

Highlight of the week happened Wednesday! I won an entry for the 16 miler Wholefoods Kingston Breakfast run! I entered the competition couple of weeks ago and I have an entry now! Jolly good!

Monday was Valentines day. Usually it isn't really effect me, but this one was a bit different. I helped out in the shop where Adel works. I did a local deliveries and cut roses from the new shipment. It was really interesting 13 hours, I did 21 local deliveries, 1 delivery to the city by tube, I cleaned approx 3600 stems roses and walked nearly 28km!
The shop called Only Roses. It sells high quality organic roses straight from Ecuador. Have a look the shop's site!

This Monday work made my whole week upside down. Tuesday morning I skipped gym workout. After work I went for a run. I did 14km. I ran to pick up my birthday present from Francis. He bought me a new Nike Cheyenne Vapor running backpack! What a gentleman! Okay, the bought is not correct, he gave me the money and a rest was my mission. I ran to buy it...just a stylise way... I ran up from Earl's court to Oxford circus Nike town, grabbed the first backpack from the shelf, paid it and ran back to Earl's court!
It looks awesome, the buckle system felt very comfy on the way home, and have a plenty of place inside with lots of smart features. I am going to run to work and back home weekly once. It is 10km each way. It isn't too much, but helps clocking up miles.

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