Friday, 11 February 2011

New gears and Chinese new year

I finally decided, that I wanna sell my power meter from my bike. I don't wanna ride around numbers in the next couple of months. I just want to enjoy my ride. Power meter causes addiction. If you get one, you are going to be hooked by watts and you can't stop watching your bike computer's screen. When I decided to stop race preparation training, I wasn't interested with the numbers... I thought! But I had to realised after couple of rides, I still watch the number in the left top corner.... I don't wanna do that! :)
I sold it.. it means I had to get a new set of wheels. I had a lots of thoughts around wheels. I didn't want: aero, heavy, tub, fragile and expensive... I wanted something strong, reliable, stiff and comfy at the same time, light enough and not to pricey. I work with Mavic wheels ages and I owned few pair of mountain bike one. I know, these are really good stuff, I never had a single problem with these. But I never had Mavic road wheels... On the road side I was far more interested with weight and aero dynamic. But time changes and I am going to be older and ...... (OK , I am not sure with the second word).
I just been on some Mavic seminar last week and I heard a lots of interesting and clever things about Mavic wheel systems. After the seminar I had my choice! Ksyrium SR!
I haven't ride too much yet, I will write something more about it after couple of hundred kilometers.
I also have some upgrade on my road crankset and a pair of new white Ergon grips turned up and my new seat post on order for my Scalpel.

Nike released a new running shoes (LunarHaze) and a brilliant looking backpack (Cheyenne Vapour ). I went to check out this new stuff in Nike town last Monday. The experience wasn't great, gears looks awesome, the new shoe gives me a hope, that I can upgrade my running kit for full Nike. I couldn't find any Nike shoes in the past, what could deal with my catastrophic foot! I am going to do some gate analysis with the new LunarHaze and we will see....
Back pack is very funky, specially the green version! It is the "have to have one" type gadget!
Nike town has one of Lance Armstrong's Trek on the first floor. I don't know it is really one of Lance's bike or not, but good to believe , you can touch his bike!
I had a really bad experience with customer service. I have to say, this guys are a bunch of idiots! Knowledge about products = 0!!! The answer for my "How much is the back pack weight?" question was " I think it is no more than 30 grams?!?!?" Thanks!

Last Sunday was a last day the Chinese new year celebration. We decided to go to visit the festival in China town. The place was ramped already midday. We just tried some traditional Chinese food, followed by some Chinese dessert (sugar bombs) and we got out from the Soho. It was out of hand, you couldn't move 3 steps in 20 minutes.

After the quite unhealthy, but interesting Chinese lunch I decided to do some "nearly" paleo healthy dinner and dessert. I made some oatmeal coated veal liver with baby carrots, basil and spinach. Dessert was raw cocoa coated banana.

Week is nearly over now. I am just looking forward a weekend, lots of interesting stuff is coming up!

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