Sunday, 6 February 2011

What's going on?!

I haven't posted anything a while ago. I had a hard time over the last couple of months and I had to make couple of really hard decisions.
In the last two season I tried my best. I tried to live two life in one. I was a professional, who works nearly 50 hours a week, looks after himself and try to build some "carrier"! ( I hate this word, I don't really wanna be a carrier hunter, who steps over on everybody and everything just for himself..) And same time I tried to do my best on the race courses. I trained like a lunatic, and tried to do as much training as possible next to my job. It wasn't easy and I had some really hard moments, but in the same time it was a wonderful experience and good lesson! When I had to realize that no one really wanna support me and help me in next season, I knew that it is over and I have to give up. Not forever, but I have to stop racing for a while. This thought has been in my head for ages, but I did my final decision in rest and peace , alone, far away from my usual everyday life. I went to Fuerteventure on 1st of January and I had a really good training camp over there. A camp, what closed a episode in my life. When I had my eyes opened up and I learned the lesson. First I have to put my life in order (thank Fiona, these are your words!) and after I can carry on, what I love to do! I don't really wanna waste more words to explain my decision, who is close enough for me and has to know the details, they already know!

Well, just make clear everything! I am not over trained and unmotivated! OK?!
I still carry on "training", collect lots of milage and until my free time is limited by school and other important things in the next 2 years, I try to keep up my endurance with a little more running. We all know, running is more efficient to build base then cycling, when you haven't got enough time. I just started running last April and I am more and more addicted to it from strike to strike. In this upcoming season I wanna taste a bit what is ultra running about! Running gives me a same freedom as cycling but it gives me something new, I can punish my body different way and I can experience pain in different forms.

In the same time I try to dig myself deeper and deeper in nutritionist stuff. I started to do PT course and I am planning to do massage, British cycling coach and nutrition specialist courses as well. All day fitness and healthy life! :) All good!

And finally message for worrying people!
Don't worry, I am not going to be lost! I just need to prepare myself and put my life's stem on the right direction and I will be back harder, faster and stronger then I ever been!

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Krisz said...

Dear Szabi!

It's hard to read this.

You are one of my role models from MTB 24h specialists.

I wish you a good 2-year period of gaining more and more strenght and power and I hope one day we will be on the same race, in the same peloton. :-)

Giving up?! You?! You are too good for that. That would not be your style.