Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday , First night off road run

Sunday... Sunday means different things for everybody. Somebody tries to get some sleep and recovery after Saturday night fever, somebody goes out lunch, shopping and meet with friends and some of us(like me) tries to make the most out of it. I am off every Sunday.That's why Sundays are my "long" training days. I do my longest runs and rides usually on Sunday. I really enjoy to hit the road early, when the streets are empty and get home when other people just starts to weak up. Enjoy my breakfast with some tiredness in my legs and I can feel the "yes, I worked for it" feeling!
I headed out for a long run this morning. I woken up a bit later then usually, I had an active week behind me. I planed to run 20km... I did 19,5. I ran from Earl's Court to Richmond via the Thames towpath. The towpath was very very muddy, when I got over to Richmond, my legs and shoes were covered by thick mud. I ran to the shop and picked up my "purple shadow" bike and rode home. It was just 10km ride, but was very good for my legs. Basically I started the day with a mini duathlon! :)
I spent the rest of the day with cooking and I went out the local Sweat shop to buy a long sleeve running top. I bought a Nike one... and I am going to return it back tomorrow... It is too big! :((( Hey dear Nike, when do you wanna make size extra small tops???? Or smaller smalls???
After the unlucky shopping I finished the day in the gym with some leg and back session.

Saturday was a multi sport day as well. I headed out for an early ride with Max. We just planed to do 4-5 laps in Richmond park, but he didn't feel well and left me alone after the first lap. I hope he feels better now.. I carried on the ride alone for one more lap, when some " fast train" passed me! Some tall (very tall.... I reckon he rides 63cm frame) guy on a Kuota. Bloody hell, he was quick. I did 2 laps with him. We pushed around 33-34km/h average... I did nearly 60km before work. After work I just pulled my running shoes on and I ran home from Richmond. Easy 10km run...

Friday was very exciting! I did my first off road trail run. I got a very good head light to try from Petzl's Hungarian distributor couple of weeks ago. I wanted to try it so badly, but I didn't have time...But I hit the Richmond park's little trails on Friday evening. What can I say? Woooowwww! It was amazing experience! I think I have a new addiction now! I really love to ride in night time, but I explored the night run is amazing fun as well. Everything looks different, some climb are steeper or easier, some sections feel longer or shorter. Everything change!

It was my hardest running week since I started to run. I clocked up more the 60km and I am going to run more next week.
The light is a Petzl Myo RXP.

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