Monday, 18 July 2011

School and exams week

Ok, the beginning of the job is done. I am over 4 exams, 3 super intensive school days and a hefty stock check. It means I didn't have an off day since last Monday and I am going to work true this week. 12 days in the row!
I have to take a bit easy my training for a couple of days, I slightly over pushed myself in the last couple of weeks. I had a lots of study and not enough sleep, but I still did my 9-12 hours weeks. Last week was the hardest, I managed to do around 8,5 hours in 5 days. It doesn't sound to much, but if you pair this amount of training ( over 70k run, 100k cycling and couple of heavy gym sessions) with daily average 4 hours sleep, stress and exams, you can have some idea about the impact. Yesterday I felt my hips wanna fell off. I skipped my planed afternoon run and gym session, and I had some "feet up" time instead. I have to learn, when should I draw the line. I made this mistake enough time during the last two seasons, and now time to learn and understand!
Sunday morning 5:15, Richmond park

W. Cromwell road...

Chill out Sunday afternoon, swordfish steak with corn and Belgian beers..

I have couple of exciting news ( one is very exciting, but I can't really speak about it at the moment...) , I passed all my 4 exams during the weekend. I spent 3 days on the Gym Instructor course in Chiswick. My final level 2 exam is in 4 weeks time. Wowww.. time to pull up the socks again! Bring it on, personal trainer life is waiting for me! :)

My next season plan is started to be round and I have more and more information, sponsorship, help... but the time isn't here yet to talk about it!

Ok, I am off to a run now, here is couple of photos from the last few days!

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