Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bad week.....really bad one

Last week wasn`t too lucky for me. What happened?

I started my cycling home last Wednesday evening after 6 o`clock. I was riding my singlespeed Unit. The weather was really windy, I could ride easly with 38km/h with the backwind. Everything was fine, but after 2,5km when I got a green light and started to pedal really quick..... then I heard a strange noise came from my front fork. I looked down and realised, that my front wheel started to come under the bike, next second one more creak and I went straight with my head down the tarmac. I flow over my bike. I stood up in the next moment, because I realised the traffic was moving. I was worried that somebody could drive across me. First I checked my teeth - good, all was in place. After I checked my bike....I realised , my fork got broken half. I wondered how, because I didn`t hit anything. Everybody was shocked arround me. Nobody understood what did happen. Me either. One couple gave me first aid kit (Thanks!!!) because my head was bleeding. I got a lots of bruise and my chin got a big deep cut. I phoned James and he came to help me. He took me to the hospital when I got the aid....9 stiches, 3 inside and 6 normal. I think I am really lucky, because this story could have ended much worst.

I dont know what was wrong with my fork. I am not a heavy guy, I ride gently, never been chrased. May be some material fault. I did some research on the net but i didn`t find any similar case.

But the week wasn`t ended! After the incident a was back on the bike Saturday morning. I planned nice road ride in Richmond park. But somebody stabed my bike! When I started to climb up on Richmond hill, around half way I rode over something and my rear tire went flat. This wasn`t a plain puncture. Somebody dropped one knife on the road and I rode over it. The knife cut my tire and tube half. I had a nice 15 minutes walk into the shop......... I stayed home on Sunday..........

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