Thursday, 10 July 2008

GO GREEN-Green Oil

The shop got a sample bottle of Green Oil six weeks ago. I was really intrested, when I got the small bottle in my hand . The packeging is very smart, the cover is 100% recycled paper ("green on the green"). The description says: NO petrochemicals, NO palm oil, NOT harmful, NOT dangerous for the environment, NOT irritant. Hmm... that`s nice -I thought. I tasted it (because nothing harmul inside?!)... the taste is really close to some taste of vegetable oil. After a bit of getting acquainted with my new lube I put straite on my Unit`s chain. The test has begun.....
What`s happend after 6 weeks and 750km all conditions riding (NONONO... I have ridden much more during the last 6 weeks, 750km is completed with my Unit)?
Honestly? Nothing! There was no need taking care of my chain and chainlube, because Green Oil works brilliant. The lube is one of the best all conditions chain lube what I have ever used. I say it's all conditions, because if you use it in just dry conditions you can find it a little bit sticky (there is no dry conditions in England anyways...). The chain didn`t need to be relubed, didn`t get dirty or dry during the last 6 weeks. I think Green Oil is excellent stuff. I can reccomend for all cyclist whatever you ride on either off or on road or you are just a simple commuter, because you don`t only buy a great chainlube , you can also do something good for your environment.
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