Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday ride with Warren

I did some nice muddy ride with Warren on November's last Sunday! Warren is our shop's customer and really good friend of ours. He invited me for a "secret trail" ride couple of mounts ago, and finally has happend!
Just was a usual british Sunday... 3 degrees and rain! We met front of Warren's house at midday. We rode singlespeed bikes, what was a good choice in the mud! We started up Richmond hill and a small loop in Richmond park, Kingston, Hampton Court.... (and I was last, I just followed Warren)... we touched Oxwood and Cobwood and finally arrived the "OBJECT"! Hmm... mystical word... object! :) Object is a II. World War airstrip on the middle of nothing. After short brake we turned back because started getting dark.
It was a really good Sunday ride with a lots of technical and deep muddy trail. The back way was some time really tricky because my Fox's Terralogic didn't wanna work.. :P
Thanks Warren! Hope we can do some similar soon!

The day in numbers:

Distance: 60,5 km (+ 20km for me, commuting Earls Court- Richmond- E.C.)
Duration: 3:25 (+ 40 minutes for me)
Avg. heart rate: 142
Avg. speed: 20.5 km/h

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