Saturday, 15 September 2007

Over my first endurance season.

After all I wouldnt call this a whole season, because just got done a kind of half way......but some things got turn out better than I ever expected. I devoted this year to gain experinces. I wanted to complete two 12 hour and one 24 hour races. That is it. The first two races were clearly made, but I missed the third one.
My first race was the Nightrider12 in Plymouth 28. April. It was a 12 hour night race, where I got the second place. I finished 20 minutes behind Rob Lee (He was the 24 hour solo world champion 2005, he is well known in the endurance world.)
The second race was the Bristol Bikefest 12 hour. I came on the second place behind Paul Murrin (He won last year SITS in the solo category). Everyone was happy after all, but I could feel something wasnt right with me. These two races were so close together, I hardly had enough time for recovery. I didnt feel up to doing the next challenge. I felt overtight, I could not prepare myself to do the 24hour race. Since then I have stopped training just going for a "ride and smile".

I am not disappointed at all I have not got many racing seasons behind. I have been cycling for 5 years , being through 3 seasons. I feel I got much more insinde just have to get on step by step. I look ahead, already planning my next season. I got a lots of support for the last season. My lovely Adel, my soul and also my regular support. Thank ever so much to my bosses who are also my friends James and Dave for all the financial support and all encouragement, thank you for standing by me. I got one more sponsorship this year, which is ZealOptics. Thank you for giving me a vote of confidence. I have been using their professional sport glasses for a while and will in the future with big pleasure.

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