Tuesday, 13 November 2007

First week...

I am over the first week of my winter training but with a week delay unfortunately. A cold and a little accident interrupted me to start on time. I got over the cold within 3 days and my accident was non-fatal. The story is the following: one day after work riding home and found myself on the other side of the handlebar. Either I was getting to close to pavement in the traffic jam or there was a drain lid placed back wrong caused my fly. I didnt get injured seriously,only small wound on my left knee and my left little finger got sprained (became triple sized). Just my week old Pearl Izumi knickers and gloves got fucked! Never mind!
It has happend, wasnt strange, because I play the same thing every year when I start my winter training.(last year I flew off an over 100kg pedestrian trying to cross the street on red....) Finally I could start training 6. November. I completed what I had planned, 14 hours 30 minutes and 356km. Weaking up early was not a problem, I wasnt really tired, but I felt my speed being a little slow. I hope getting on according to plan and will have the 3200km ridden by the end of the year.

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