Friday, 10 April 2009

Transalp, Felt team and lots of other things...

Hi everyone!

I didn't write fuck all in the last month, sorry, I know this is really embarrassing...
My last one mount was really busy! (jaja) Ok, where should I start...

I flew back in Hungary for a couple of days 3,5 weeks ago. I did my sport test, everything fine, the engine is in really good conditions, my result was excellent (really high VO2max, good power, only I would like to have lover body fat, the actual was 9.3%, I hope it is lover now).
The hungarian CSC company did my test. They do coaching is well. I work with this guys now. I got a good trainer. He has a lots of experience and knowledge in the power based training. I did my training program alone in the last couple of years (one friend of mine helped me) and I felt in the last couple of months, may be I need somebody's instructions! We work with heart rate monitor now, but we are changing for a power meter couple of weeks time. Thanks for Paligap, I can get one cheaper! My choice is the Power Tap Pro+, I will write a review later. 

Other think! And I think this is a most important one! I got my entry form! Ohh yes, what entry form? :)))
I wrote couple of words about secret plans with Manuela in my Mallorca training camp post. Ohh yes! I am riding with Manuela! Where? On the Transalp! 7 days road race across Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We are riding with the german Felt team. That is the all what I can say this time, but I promise, I keep inform everybody with the details. 
This race totally changed my race plan for this year. I am not riding MTB races this year, and my Scalpel project is delayed now. I will do the Scalpel, but much much slower... because I have to invest the money and attention for the Transalp. But I am back on the off road next year!
If road year, I try the best! :)
I will race couple of crit race just for fun and training. I will do the Crystal Palace League if I can get British Cycling License.... 
After 3 weeks the Transalp finish, I will fly in French. I am doing the La Etap end of July. ( Thanks for somebody, who invited me on the race! BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!!)
If I am over all of this things and I can rest a little bit, and I can build my Scalpel, possible I will do one or two 12 hours solo race the end of the year.

Other things? Ahhhh... I am training hard and prepare my mind for the 7 days mayhem ... I think thats it! 

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