Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Long Sunday

Hi everyone! I know, I still haven't written a single word about the 24 hour UK Champ and my last weekend XC race! I promise , I am going to do it very soon! For a meantime, I share with you my last Sunday!

I was racing my second XC race in this season! The last season, when I was racing cross country.... uh, I can't remember! I think it was 8 or 9 years ago! XC never been my sport, but I decided to do some during this season. It is very good for technical practice and a little speed workout.

So, Tibi came to pick up us on Sunday morning 11 o'clock. Tibi is my offical driver and photographer for this season! Also Martin (my massage therapist) and his son, Sam came with us. We quickly filled up the car and fitted the bikes on my new super funky colourful Saris rack on the back. Oh, yes, bikes. I taken two bikes with me, the Flash 29er and my CAAD 7. Ok, possible, you are wondering now, why I was taking a road bike with me to the XC race?!
I planed to do a 4,5-5 hours road ride after my race.
My two bitches!

Gorrick's spring series last race was held next to Deepcut. Journey was quick, around 50 minutes. The organisation was excellent, I got my start number in 2 minutes with all the useful information. I headed out to do a practice lap quickly. The course was very very fun, much much quicker and easier then last week SouthernXC's one. Only down side to me was the small amount of climbs.

After the practice lap I had plenty of time to have some social life as well. I had a good chat with Mike Cotty, who won my category end of the day with some blinding ride! Well done Mike! We quickly changed some thought about UK stock market, financial crisis and the trouble of economy... oh fuck, NO! Honestly! We didn't do this! :) We just discussed our experiences about 29ers, couple of quick word about my upcoming new job and what Mike wants to change on his Flash.
Martin tried his photo ability... I think it is better if he sticks with massage! :D

Our start was 14:15. The expert (elite?!) field was quite thin. We had a very fast start.... well, most of the racers had a very fast start and I tried to keep up, but after 5-6 minutes I decided to ride my own pace. Without any specific XC training I haven't got a chance to keep up with the top guys, honestly, banging out on 190+ heart rate is not my cup of tea. I really enjoyed the race, not only the course was entertaining, but I had my own mini race in the big race with other 2 guys. I had some problem with my lower back during the 3rd lap, but I got sorted in 10 minutes and I could push harder again. I kept my pace very well and I could make my last lap to the second fastest one! I finished 6th and I got 10 minutes from Cotty.
Overall: I am very happy with my 6th place and I think (and hope) this short and fast races make some improvements on my bike handling skills and also little bit speed up me. Say the truth, I can't be super fast with my 62 kg, but I could make 5-7 laps more with the same pace easily!

After the race I got changed quickly and had a little chat with the boys. I changed bike, had some bite and headed off my long rode ride.
I rode 4,5 hours and I covered 130km, got soaking wet 4 times and seen rainbows twice. It was a very nice ride and I really enjoyed!
I got home around 9 o'clock. Martin been a star and he cleaned my muddy Flash and my shoes (which ones were covered with dog shit...) during the afternoon! Bless him! :)
Preparation for the night ride... Petzl Ultra Wide is a photon cannon

I also wanna say big thanks for Tibi, who gave me a lift and he also taken some awesome photo during the race!

Tonight I am going to return back to race Hillingdon crit! Crit racing also was a good training in the past. I am really looking forward!


Martin - SuppleworX said...

I cleaned the bike cos it's awesome. I only cleaned the shoes cos they were making my house stink!

Anonymous said...

I really liked your blog! It helped me alot… Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Mary J. Smith said...

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