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Mallorca - Part I.

Part I.

( Basically I wanted to post this part 3 days ago, but the hotel's wifi was absolutely packed up. Finally I sorted the problem thanks for one of the austrian smart ass junior guy, who told me the secret.... and magic happens and wifi works! I had to say I wasn't the nicest guy, when he offered me the secret for 5 euros and I offered back him two incredible big slaps if he doesn't tell me the secret in the next second... but he didn't think on my offer and gave me the password! )

Okay, here we go!

Day 0:

I landed on Mallorca airport 15th February in a pissing rain. I picked up my luggage and my bike quickly and on the way out of the building I realized the new local bus service to Platja, this service costs €2 which one basically nearly €20 cheaper then the taxi... is the journey time longer 15 minutes? Who care??? 10 minutes wait for the bus and I was on the way in my hotel. Hotel Hispania! Same place then last year. 3 stars but the room is clean and kitchen is incredible good! This time of the year it is stuffed with austrian cyclist... After I quickly packed out and built my bike I decided to go for a short ride on the beach, 45 minutes KB was in my training plan. I rode up and down on the beach in the 17C rain with a big smile on my face. After quick shower, dinner and sleep.

Route: up and down on the beach

Time: 0:45

Distance: 22km

Ascent: ????

Day 1:

After a huge breakfast I went to buy a map ( because I left my last year one at home...) and find a local gym. I got a good tip on the reception, gym is on the next corner... I found it 10 minutes later, quick chat with the owner on international hand, symbol language ( nobody speaks english and hungarian here.... spanish, german and some french are the most popular). Anyway business done, €20 the pleasure for two weeks, bargain! Really nice local gym, same stile what you can see in old american movies, little boxing ring in the corner... free weights and all local heros... the question is, who a fuck am I? And what do I do between 20 local spanish guys... who's average weight minimum 100 kg more then mine...but I shout "Olah" when I arrive and " Adios" when I leave the place and everybody looks happy...

After I got everything (gym pass, map and mineral water) I planed quickly the daily route. 3,5 hours was in the training plan. The first 3 days basically just a warm up, I had to ride flat...

The route was:

Platja- Cap Blanc - Cala Pi - ses Salines - Satanyi - Campos - LLucmajor - Platja

Time :3:55

Distance: 125km

Ascent: 630m

It was a good nostalgic route from last year... and was a bit dejavu.. I went absolutely lost in Cala Pi and I rode around and around nearly 20 minutes in the village until I found the way back.. same happend with me last year.

Day 2:

Great! I woken up, weather was lovely... 4 hours in the plan and oh la la, some uphill work out! Short one but 6 repeats! And the plan was done already in my head! Randa! Randa is a small village close to the hotel and it has a nice hill! After breakfast I quickly prepared myself and I started my first hill reps around 11 o'clock.. I met with lots of other cyclist on the hill, everybody rode up and down...

After I finished the reps, I had a quick look from top of the hill.. quick and short because this time everything got covered with clouds. I finished of my ride with a little loop up north.

The daily route was: Platja- Llucmajor- Randa - Montuiri- Sant Joan - Sineu - Algaida- Casa Blanca- Platja

Time: 4:25

Distance: 122km

Ascent: 1800m

It was a good day with a little climb. After I got back in the hotel, quick shower, couple of protein turmix and I went in the gym before dinner.

Day 3:

Hmm.. cloudy morning, but it turned later really nice sunshine! I checked the map during my breakfast... 4,5 hours was a plan.. hmm.. Porto Cristo! I missed this place last year! I been on the road 10 o'clock already. I had to change my plan on the way because our spanish friends still didn't managed to finish the road Ma5020 since last year... I couldn't ride directly to Porreres from LLucmajor, I had to go Campos and after up to Porreres but this plus 10km wasn't drama.. I arrived in Porto Cristo quickly, I did couple of photos in the Porto and rode back to Felantix on the small road next to the beach... on nearly 150m high... :) The view was priceless! After Felantix I rode to Campos and came back on the same way.

Route: Platja- Llucmajor- Campos - Porreres - Vilafranca- Manacor- Porto Cristo - Can Gelat- Felantix - Campos- Llucmajor- Platja

Time: 5:12

Distance: 162km

Ascent: 1164m

First block is done!

What I did:




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