Friday, 25 November 2011

Busy days..

 Wohooo, I am here again!

I had 9 busy days since my last post.

Training is going well as usual. I had a good and productive last week and I have a bit easier plan for this week. Only one small annoying thing... I have to take a break from running for couple of weeks. My left ITB/TFL combo started to play up a bit and  I try to prevent any damage. Mr SuppleWorX  works hard on the problem and thanks for Martin's magic hand and RockTape UK, my left butt section is better day to day. Poor Martin couldn't fold and massage me enough in the last couple of muscles have a grumpy days.. may be I should stretch a bit more?!

But I have some new fun! Roller sessions! I used roller last 8-9 years ago?! Hell knows when... But we have one in a shop and I started to do sessions on! Oh my lord! My first session was a disaster! I managed to fell off TWICE in one minute! Fun in the sadness, I have the whole affair recorded, because I made the balls up front of the CCTV in the work shop... may be I am going to post here...later! Everyone forget about this old training tool! It is absolutely brilliant. First of all, it is more entertaining then normal turbo trainer, 1 hour session feels like 10 minutes. Secondly it is great for core muscles, coordination and you can smash up more then 100 TSS in an hour ride!

Last Wednesday night me and Adel went to see Smashing Pumpkins and I have to say we had an awesome time in O2 Brixton. This band still rocks and Billy Corgan is still a sick animal! He ripped his guitar for pieces. This was a well spent £40!

Thursday was interesting as well. We went to see Martin's better half, Sue's exhibition. She is a massage therapist and artist in one! I love her works, but this exhibition is a bit more... The whole story built around one of my old Time pedal! :) Oh yes, Sue asked me for some second hand bike parts couple of months ago. I gave one of my old pedal for her... And she cloned it and built an art around it in the last few month! Great job Sue! If you are fancy to see her works, just pop in Pearson Cycle in Sheen and you can see them and if you are falling love with any, you can buy them as well!

Last weekend I had nearly 7 hours ride in two to work. Saturday morning I headed out to Surrey hills direction at half past six and I could manage to ride 3 hours before work.. I don't wanna talk about how useful I was during the day... really close to ZERO! But after a long day, early bed and a huge sleep I was on the bike again for four hours Sunday morning. Sunday ride was a bit interesting experience... everything was covered with fog and I could hardly see anything. I can say , I just rode from routine in the park.
Saturday morning
and Sunday....

This week is less intense, but still lots of exciting stuff happens. My new custom Fizik saddle turned up and my new Rotor Power2Max cranked got ordered (Thanks for Green Serpentine LTD!!). Crank set's due date is 3rd week of January... sadly! :( It means I have to bring my PowerTap to Teneriffe in January.

Also I got some very very nice present! One of our client from Personal Training / Personal Bike Fit gave me a pair of ultralight wheels. The wheels is build around Tune hubs, Zipp 202 rims and Sapim spokes! Well... the pair's weight is 950 grams. Ultimate climbing wheels! They were used may be once?! They look like brand new! Thanks Paul, you are a star!

We had some disaster as well couple of days ago! Our top floor neighbour decided to take 35 minutes shower with opened shower cabin 12:30 at night! What does it mean? It means I had nearly 100 litres of water in my flat, circa 50 litres landed in my bed and from this 50 litres approx 23 litres finished on my head! My cat Szamba got some as well... I think Adel was a driest person in the flat Tuesday night. I have to say the cold shower from the sealing in night time was a bit shocking and I am not surprised that I wanted to kill the guy straight! But our magic handyman sorted out the problem in an hour , we got an other flat to use (in the same building) for couple of days and the neighbour is still alive... Anyway, I am not really interested with the flat, because we are moving out in 2,5 weeks time and  our goods are not damaged...well, we are over it!

Well, I think time to crack on with my other things! Keep looking guys, hopefully couple of interesting stuff is coming up soon!

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