Wednesday, 16 November 2011

After a while...

Hey ho!

I know, I know... I've been a bad boy.....
I haven't done anything with this blog in the last 3 months. Well... I wasn't really in the blogging mood and I had better things to do then writing about nonsense. But, now it HAS to change and I am going to update it at least on weakly basis.

Let see what happened in the last 3 months....

- my english definitely didn't get better (in case you were annoyed already with my poor english, STOP reading now and change page!!!)
- I had a very good rest month in September and I started to train properly again from beginning of October! Hurra! It means I am back in the saddle again!
- I made my first entry for a next season 24 hour solo race! 
- I continuously fiddled around with my diet... nearly perfect... nearly!
- I've been in Hungary to visit family and friends and I had a good time and lots of fun
- I got sponsorships! Yes, sponsorships!!! More... couple... couple of very good and useful one.
  The actual list here, but I am going explain everything in my next post!

And some other ones on my plate, we just have to finalise details!

Well, that's all at the moment! So far so good everything. Training is going very well, my FTP improved 10% in 3 weeks and I am going to be freacking strong in next season! 

I am off now to see Smashing Pumpkins! Keep looking, more is coming soon!

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