Thursday, 25 August 2011

Passed exam and other bits...

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted anything nearly 3 weeks ago. I had couple of hard days, a gym instructor exam and lots of fun over the last 20 days. Let see it in nutshell!

First of all! Oh yes, Level 2 Gym Instructor course is sorted! I passed the exam with 100% mark up on 14th of August morning! Tatammm... and the door is opened now! :)

I had quite hectic 2 weeks and some trouble with my portfolio before the exam, but thanks my great friends everything got sorted and I still had time to left for some fun!

A week before my exam (instead studying) me and Adel went to see the Talented Mr. Ripley in Nomad cinema. I won a pair of ticket with Whole Food Market's competition. Guys, it was awesome, Nomad cinema rocks! Watching movie while you sitting in a park under the sky and eating alfresco.... it is priceless. We seen the movie in Victoria Garden, next to the House of Parliament.

The next day, after more then 100km ride and a good bit of running session we had a tickets to Gypsy Fire's gig in Battersee. My friend, (SuppleWorX) Martin's brother plays bass in the band. Gig was awesome, the bar (La CucumBar) was was forgettable.

I spent a fair bit of time with study on the last week and went to see Spencer and do practice session with him quite frequently,but I still managed to do at lest 9 hours training. I headed out for a 16k run 5 o'clock on my exam's morning. It made me calmed and destroyed my stress hormones....
The exam was great, everything went well and thanks for Zsofi and Spenc, I made my best!

After the exam, me and my "client" Zsofi had celebration in the best sandwich bar on the planet earth, Pickle and Rye in Sheen.  Basically I don't really eat any wheat or grain.... but I think I never can say "NO" for a Pickle and Rye sandwich in the future! You have to try this tinny place!

After our sandwich obsession we went to see the Surrey Classic Road race... Oh yep, just a typical, long waiting and 2 minutes pleasure. But I seen Cavendish! Joy!

The following week after the exam was all about fun and chill out.

I made couple of very early (start at 5:30) run session and late evening ride. (BTW now turns to be dark very early... I think British summer is konyec!)

Little Whole Foods shopping and SAF eating in the same time.

Chill out in Kyoto Garden.

And I bought a "new" frame. I managed to get a Cannondale CAAD 7. The frame just got repainted 2 years ago under warranty. It is very nice condition and I won it on bargain price on ebay, but I have some ongoing issue whit the seller and possible I will not keep it... Hopefully it figures out in couple of days....

Well... This is my last 3 weeks in nutshell! I am on "holiday" at the moment.... interesting "holiday"! :D
I am going to explain it in my Sunday post!

Keep moving! And keep watching!

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