Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vibram Five Fingers- first ride

I surprised myself with a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Bikila couple of weeks ago. I didn't buy them just for running, I bought them for all rounder every day usage as well.

The main reason, I wanna improve my feet's strength and get a little taster about barefoot running and in the same time, walking bare foot feels amazing.

Back on the date, when I started to run, I had terrible bad flat feet and low arches. With time my feet slowly got stronger and my low arches started to improve. The big change happened when I thrown away my over built Saucony shoes and started to run in shoes with less support and occasionally Nike Free 5.0. My feet strength just started to build up with rocket speed. After 6 months of running in Nike Frees, I made the next step and I bought the VFFs. From now I try to do one or two training session with my VFF every week, and build up the distance, technique and strength gradually.

I used them good couple of times during the last few weeks (go shopping, go out...) . First time after couple of hours usage, I had very tired feet and I really felt my calves. The next couple of times were the same, but after a week usage I could walk in more and more and I didn't really had any discomfort or soreness.

Last Sunday evening I planned to go out for a short run. Weather was wonderful I had plenty of time = TEST TIME! I decided to run up to Hyde Park in my normal shoes, this was a warm up. I swapped to Vibram and do a little try out on the grass in the park.

Wow! It was amazing and very strange in the same time. First I just ran 2 times 200m and after 3 times 500m. I could carry on,but I didn't want to over do it. I felt my calves start to tightening up during the last two 500m. After I swapped back to normal shoes and ran home.

When I got home, my calves were very tight, but I solved the problem with a good stretching.

Next day my feet has some soreness and I definitely still feel my calves as well, but nothing bad pain. I give couple of days rest and I do an other session end of this week.

Trust me, I didn't do too much last Sunday, but I got hooked already with bare foot running....

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