Saturday, 6 August 2011

London in the summer time...

The name of the post is a phrase from Red Hot's Emit Remmus song! It is a wicked song and I am going to listen Red Hot in LIVE! :) Oh yeh, big Red Hot has a concert in London 3 months time and I have ticket! :)

But this phrase is actual now!
We have some summer feeling here...
not too intensive, but finally we got some little taster about what is summer means! I had couple of quite busy week, my Gym Instructor exam is coming up 8 days time, but I find the way, how I can have some fun.

The last two Sundays, me and Adel decided to play the "to be tourist in your own city" game. I have to say it was a very good fun to rediscover old places like:

Sloane square

St. Paul Cathedral


Bricklane  ( best bagel place ever..)

Blue British sky ( UK has a most beautiful blue sky..if you can see it....)

walking across on Millenium bridge

And in the same time enjoy some great food:

classic Pret a Mange baguette

couple of (6?) Starbucks coffee

with some Krispy Cream doughnut (I haven't had KC nearly 6 months ago)

whole chicken in Nandos

washed down with some lovely ale

and followed by Cherry Garcia

BUT in the same time I had some healthy food as well, not just a simple naughtiness

like a bottle of kombucha (mushroom juice :D )

and gluten free, vegan wrap from SAF

and because I wanna keep myself fit, I had lots of run during the week and some longer rides on Sundays with 5:30 start...

But it worth it!

The upcoming weekend looks fun as well! We have a pair of ticket to Nomad cinema on Saturday night and  we are going to see the Talented Mr. Ripley in Victoria Tower Gardens. I won the tickets on some Whole Foods competition. (viva Whole Foods Market!). Sunday evening we are going to see my muscle expert friend, Martin's brother's band. Gypsy Fire has a gig in Le QuecumBar, Battersee. And I am sure, I can squeeze in some study, bare foot running, cycling and some good food  in my weekend schedule.
Well, have a good summer weekend for everyone!

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