Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunshine... 21 degrees....

Sunshine and 21 degrees.... these are the parameters in Tenerife at the moment.  

I am still in London and sitting in the kitchen and try to sort out the last bits of pack in at the moment. My air plane is leaving to Tenerife 13:45 today. Oh yes, training camp time! I have planned at least 64 hours in the saddle in the next two weeks. This was the reason why I couldn't finish my Rapha 500 twice (BTW I still own you with the report of the second part). 

So, stay tuned and check out blog frequently and follow me on Strava as well! Some huge epic mileage rides are coming up in the next two week!

This week was quite exciting! I started the week with an FTP test and the result is very good! 5+ watts/kg... not bad in early January! 

The postman was quite busy this week! I received two boxes from Hungary. One from my family and one from my friend and sponsor, Robi!

The family related box contained some very nice home made (by my sister) Christmas cake, sport physiology book and a cd from my favourite Hungarian band, Hosok!

The second box had a bike related bits in. My Endura Mullet glasses turned up in awesome green colour and some super secret stuff.... I can't say anything about it at the moment... sorry! But I tried out last night and I have to say it is wicked stuff! 
My new super secret toy....

Also I received some CompresSport gears from Tim yesterday! He gave my a full leggings and a pair of new type cycling socks to try out in the training camp! Thanks for that! I am so happy with CompresSport sponsorship, this gears help a lot during my training and recovery!

Well, time to switch my computer OFF! Keep looking, training camp is coming up! Tenerife here I come!

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