Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tenerife camp - short resume

We landed 00:05 on Gatwick airport on Monday morning. I had great 2 weeks training on Tenerife. I managed to do one of my hardest training camp ever. Basically I rode off my socks! 

The weather was stunning during the first week, second week wasn't too bad, but mother nature showed her angrier face sometime. 
Let's see the camp in numbers first:

Training days: 9
Time spent in the saddle: 62 hours and 42 minutes
Covered mileage: 1537 km 
Climbed: 34.570m 
Lowest temperature: -3 C
Highest temperature: 26 C
Burned calories: 43.522 kcal
Longest ride: 8 hours 20 minutes, 201km and 4490m climb
Longest climb: 33 km / 2107m 
I had couple of hard moments during the two weeks, but I stayed positive all the time. I could get over every problem. I had to finish off earlier only two rides, but the second time after a hot shower and some food I headed out and managed to ride the planed distance. 
One of the worst moment was, when I started the ride in sunshine and 22 degrees and I rode in some thunder storm on 1900m. I got heavy cold rain, hail and I had hard time with frozen limbs, but I managed to got down in one piece to sea level and got defrosted 10 minutes time. 
I made some photos and videos as well. I try to load up the photos to Picasa asap and make some usable video clip.

Thanks for my sponsors and friends, everything was much easier than previous camps. My massage therapist, Martin Jefferies ( SuppleWorX) came with me in the camp and gave me lots of treatment during the two weeks. He made my legs and body to be ready for a ride nearly every day. 
I used a lot my new CompersSport gears and they helped a lot in the recovery. Thanks for Good Hemp Protein!  My body stayed in one piece and I didn't loose any muscle mass during this two weeks. The financial background was ensured by NavMii! Thanks to all of you!

Well, looks like, job done! I have a rest week now and I am back on training next week. 5 weeks and Gran Canaria is coming up!

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