Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday report

Since I came back from Tenerife, the time is going so fast. After the 2 weeks "punishment", I had an easy rest week. I got recovered so fast thanks for the received treatments from SuppleWorX Martin and Good Hemp's protein supplements.I am back on the proper training again and I will have some "funny" sessions in this arctic weather over the next few weeks, but Gran Canaria trip is coming up soon!

Last week was quite easy, some rides here and there and I had half an hour run on Thursday. This was my first run since my left glut played up 2 months ago. It was very good and I managed to over push a bit....I had mild muscle soreness over the place for a few days.

Last weekend I went to do a raw food class with Davis Baley at SAF. (I am in the healthy diet long time ago and I try to tweak my diet all the time and it is going to be better and better.) The class was amazing, it well worth the money! I learn lots of new stuff, like preparing my own raw desserts, mains, how I can use dehydrator, making my own nut milk. David showed lots of tricks and made amazing dishes for us. I was really sorry when the second day ended. If you are interested in healthy diet and raw foodism, check out David and his lovely wife, Charlotte's website. You can find the upcoming classes dates here.

Raw taco

Raw cheescake

I also started to put altogether my new road pride. I bought this CAAD 7 frame last summer from ebay and most of the bits are from my last year CAAD5 built. I only ordered a custom Fizik saddle for it and it has a Power 2 Max equipped Rotor 3D crank set on. My custom built Arione CX saddle turned up 5 weeks after the order date and I only had to wait 6 weeks for the P2M crank. I got it under sponsorship and I am very excited with it. Finally I have freedom on wheel choice! CAAD 7 is going to come with me to Gran Canaria.

Weather turned very cold since I am back. I tried to ride a much as possible outside in the last few days, but after last night 1 hour recovery ride I decided to buy a roller... (finally). When I got home, my two little fingers were deep purple. No gloves on the planet earth which ones can keep warm my hands under -2... This roller purchasing  was a long winded process, but I had the final decision and I am a proud owner a Cyclops Alu Roller with resistance unit now! First proper test is coming up tonight!

I also received my first 29er related stuff, a pair of Schwalbe 29er Rocket Rons... and my complete Sram XX group set turned up as well. I am still waiting for the frame-fork, Rotor 3D+ crank with P2M power meter and wheels. Project is on...

Well I am not bored and I am not going to be in the next few weeks. I have lot on the plate, but all fun.

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