Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fowlmead Enduro 6

Finally I have 5 minutes to do post about last weekend.
I had a 6 hours enduro race down in Kent last weekend. I found this event in British Cycling's calender 6 weeks ago. I decided to do it for training reason.

I wasn't really human beginning of last week, but thanks for my coach and the 3 times 10 hours sleep I felt myself really good on Sunday morning. Tibi and Evi came and picked up me around 7 o'clock. We met with Adel 20 minutes later and we headed out straight to Deal's direction. Deal is a little town down in Kent. The race was hold in Fowlmead country park. We were a bit late and I have to say the true, I wasn't sure that we can catch the start in time, but Tibi drove really fast and we arrived 30 minutes before 10. Quick pack out and I had a little warm up before the start. The race was quite local and a field wasn't to big. The start was 10 o'clock and the ride was 6 hours long. The course was nearly flat but wind and sunshine were incredible strong. One lap was around 19 minutes average for me. I had lots of trouble with the long wheelbase fullsuser and the bad tyre choice. The course had a lots of dusty sharp corner. The weather was incredible hot and I got really bad sunburn. Thanks for my crew I got enough liquid and I didn't have any problem with hydration and food. After 4 hours Adel passed me the info: I was on the first place! I couldn't believe it! :)
I finished the race with one lap before the second one. I was in a really good shape, but I have to say, it wasn't any big name in the field...
I was really happy with the result. I had a quick shower and I picked up my free BBQ after the finish. The price giving ceremony was a usual British style... madness, no podium, no medal..... but I am not surprised! :)
On the way back we stacked nearly 3 hours in the traffic jam on the motor way... sucks!
Overall, it was a great day, good organising (except the prize giving), nice weather , my first win in the UK and all of this on Adel's birthday! :)

I prepare my mind for Salzkammergut now.....

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