Friday, 2 July 2010

Rest day and fixing broken bikes....

After the hard Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday combo, I had a rest day today. I did a sleeping marathon last night, I spent nearly 10 hours in the bed. I was fresh and relaxed this morning.
I tried to prepare everything for a weekend race during the day and I nearly got sorted everything. Couple small issues left, but I will sort out those tomorrow morning and evening. I have a early bed attack again, you know, train hard, rest harder.
I just cooked my ultimate super healthy carbo load lunch for tomorrow. Brown rice, soy milk, grounded cardamon and cinnamon, raisins and stevia. It looks and smells really good... yummi.

I had one hour recovery ride tomorrow morning before work and I will try to spend my whole day in the biggest rest and piece what is possible in work. The race on Sunday and it is just 6 hours, what is not too long... basically it will be just warm up.. :)
We are driving down Sunday morning, thank for my great driver Tibi and for my super support team!

Back to last Sunday, I had some problem with my Super 6 bottom bracket. I told , that it started to do some very weird noise. I opened up it on Tuesday morning...and woooowwww.... Basically I found the left hand side bearing in pieces. Hmm... I reckon it wasn't the bestJapanese quality bearing. I sorted the problem quickly, old bearing out, new one in, job done. I headed to Hillingdon after 6 o'clock and I returned back on the crit race course. We had a really good race and I rode a lots on the front. I didn't feel myself too strong, but my coach was happy with the work.

It looks a bit tired....

I started to feel the pressure in my head to fix my Scalpel after 3 weeks on Wednesday. It still had a broken bits of the seat post in the frame. Thanks Dave mega clever bold head, he got out the broken piece from the frame in 5 minutes. He had a brilliant idea, the bold head started to sparkle. He super glued one freewheel remover tool in the broken piece and after just wrenched out with a spanner... Genius! And it wasn't enough, after he landed me his old (new?!, anything what Dave owns more then two hours , it is turning to be old...) Thompson seat post! Cheers mate!

Wrench baby, wrench! :)

Happy Dave...

Training wise I had a hectic week, but no pain no gain! Basically I just rode, slept and worked in the last couple of days. No socialisation, no web, no books, no fun... actually it isn't true, because that all were fun! I really like to dance on the limit. It is a great feel, when you get home after 3 hours ride (includes a super intensive crit race) on the evening, you have some meal, shower and go straight in the bed and 7 hours later you are on the bike again and do some mad hill reps 6:30 in the morning....

Ok, it is bed time now! I am back after Sunday race! Have a good weekend!

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Christin said...

That carb loading porridge sounds divine! :D