Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Viva Las Vegas...

 Viva Las Vegas!

I have been here...... 
I have been there....
I have been nearly everywhere!

Hmm... what can I say? The weather is still stunning, the roads are still good enough and the top of the island didn’t come lower..... But they are all good news! 
Yes, I still love Gran Canaria, but deep in my heart Tenerife is the winner.... (too much tourist, too much screaming kid, too much “Full English breakfast” or “Koffee mit Kuchen” sign here! Tenerife is far more rural!) 
Since my last post I had a couple of more long ride. I am over 8 training days, 1425km and 32110m climb. I am still alive and no major sign of tiredness. I have 2 more training days left and if everything is going to be ok, I will reach the 1800km and 40000m! Fingers cross!
I am alone again since 11th. Robi’s “holiday” finished and he returned back to Hungary. On  Robi’s last day we had a ride (or half) altogether and we managed to slightly kill each other . Robi was the King of the flats and I was the King of the Climbs. Robi is a bit heavier (20 kg +?!) than me and I was struggle to keep up with him on the flat sections. He can ride with 35km/h in a brutal face wind without any problem.... thank you very much, but it isn’t for my 62kg! But the situation changed when we reached the first climb! ;) Well....well... no ideal cyclist build! Anyway, it was a fund day, with a lots of laugh and sweat! 
So I started alone my 8th training day. Be honest it was a bit strange and sad as well. Robi was a great company! 

Yesterday I managed to ride one more 200+ days! I started the day with a Fataga climb to the top and finally I checked out the island’s other side! Fataga and Teror are a beautiful villages. It was a quite interesting experience, because the north side of the island is very green opposite with the south’s desert style. 
If you haven’t done yet, register in Strava and check out my profile!

I had a rest day today. I went to do my food shopping and popped in the biggest Cannondale bike shop/rental place in Spain! I visited Free Motion’s shop, where I seen lots of shinny Cannondales and bumped in Lefty Larry!? What a surprise! I met him couple of times before on the Lefty seminars. He didn’t really remember me, but honestly, I wasn’t expect it! Anyway, we had a quick chat about Leftys ....new Leftys..... very exciting new Leftys... and 29ers. But as usual, Larry was busy and he vanished after 10 minutes. (or he just couldn’t stand my Hungarian accent..lol)
So 2 more training days left and I am flying back to the UK on 16th’s night. I am really looking forward... I miss Adel.... I miss my stuff, I miss the shop (includes Dave, James, Scott and the mass in the workshop...) and I REALLY WANT TO BUILD MY NEW 29ER!!!!
Oh yes, breaking news! While I was “scratching” my ass on these wonderful and hot island, in the same time in the foggy and cold London couple of new bits turned up!

First of all I received my Tune sponsorship box! (Thanks for Robi!) Wohohohoho! Pair of 29 er wheels. Tune Cannonball/Kong hubs, DT Swiss AeroLite spokes and Stan’s rims. The box also included a lovely and weightless Schmolke handlebar in 70 cm width!

The second good news came today! Dave just informed me, my KCNC seat posts turned up today! On for Flash, one for Scalpel! :) 
Hopefully my Ashima Airotors are going to turn up as well before weekend!
Let’s move on! I have to be prepared for my last two days!


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