Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gran Canaria and 29er project progress

Last Friday I headed out from the country for two weeks again. Yes, I have a two weeks training camp on Canary Islands...again! This time the target is Gran Canaria. 

First of all I have to say a huge thanks for one of my main sponsor, NavMii/NavFree, who looks after my financial background! 
I had an early afternoon flight from Gatwick airport. Everything went smooth, thanks for the good old EasyJet. I landed on the island four and a half hours later. My hotel was 20 minutes bus journey from the airport. I checked in, packed out and built the bike. My “room mate”, Robert Gaszner arrived over the night from Hungary. 
Robi is a very good company! 
The island is very nice, but I have to say, still Tenerife is my favourite one! The highest reachable point is 1949m. Roads are quite good, no major traffic. Weather is stunning, the highest temperature( measured by my Garmin) was 34 degrees! Only the strong coast wind makes the rides a bit funny sometimes. My 11-25 cassette and deep aero wheels were not the best choice, but I can deal with it. 
I have 10 planed training days in this two weeks camp and I finished 4 already. I covered 635km and nearly 15.000m climbs. I would like to reach the 1700-1800km distance and 38.000-40.000m climb! 


I am recovering very fast at the moment and hopefully it stays the same for a while! The Good Hemp Gym Shake helps a lot! Thanks for Good Hemp Nutri’s sponsorship, I am supplied with full vegan raw hemp protein for the 2012 season! Amazing stuff, it helps to quicken up recovery and protect my muscles! 
I am also switched to the pac-man/food processor mode and I eat a hell lot! 
Robi rides a bit less mileage than me, but he still banging in the miles and climbs! Not everyone kamikaze... :D 
My last 5 days:
03/03: 140km/3150m
04/03: 171,5km/3850m
05/03: 169,5km/4050m
06/03: rest day
07/03: 153km/3650m
Also you can check my rides on Strava!

Let’s jump back to London a bit. My 29er project is on fire! I received my Lefty Carbon fork, Fizik Gobi 00 stupidly lightweight saddle and Power2Max crank set before I left! My bike (I am just going to keep the frame) turned up when I was on the way to the airport! Dave kindly taken some photos and put back her in the box! Also my Tune wheels and Schmolke handlebar is going to turn up soon....and hopefully Dave is going to take photos again and send them to me! :) Nearly all the bits on board...I only need a seat post! Choice is made , I am going to the KCNC Ti Pro one. (Dave....sorry mate, could you order them for me... two please, one for Scalpel and one for Flash.... I know, I know... I owe you big time...BBB!)
Ok, now I am off to check map and plan the route for tomorrow! Keep looking, more is coming up soon!

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