Friday, 1 April 2011

Brugge - 3 days holiday

Usually we have a 3-4 days city break in every year around March-April. We went Belgium again, this was the third time in row. We visited Brussels and Antwerp already, now the target was Brugge. We booked our trip via Eurostrar, it is chip as chips. 2 nights in 4 starts Crowne Plaza Hotel and train ticket for £190 each, bargain!

We left with the earliest train on Monday morning. I felt myself a bit dizzy and tired after 5 hours sleep and a running race behind me, but the high caffeine intake did the job and after couple of coffees I felt brilliant. Train journey to Brussels was quick, around 2 hours and 20 minutes. We had a short coffee break in Brussels Midi train station and we caught the next train to Brugge in an hour.
We was a bit early, we had more then 3 hours until the check in. After a short walk we found a nice cafeteria with a terrace. We enjoyed the sunshine( and a free WIFI) here until 3 o'clock.

After check in we went straight in the bad and after a good sleep we headed out for a dinner and a little walk. We had a dinner in a small but lovely salad place. I was starving... the answer was double salad!
Salad with parma ham and melon and an other salad with curry chicken, raisin and apple

Second day was the exploring day. I left for a short run before Adel woken up. I just ran 35 minutes, but it was terrible feeling two days after the race and the cobbles didn't help either!
We didn't stop walking until late afternoon, we climbed up the ...... on 366 stairs and we visited all sights in the city.
Belgium's Venice...

The view after 366 stairs...
I was quite exhausted, I had a small nap before dinner.
We had dinner one well known local restaurant. We choose Flemish dishes, I went for a mussels and Adel had some Flemish stew, all washed down with local beers! Full tummy, happy people!

I started the third day with some running again. I headed out for 55 minutes. My legs was a bit better than day before, but still not perfect and my movement was quite similar for crossing Forrest Gump with RoboCop... but end of the run I felt good!
After two day sunshine we had a rain on the third day. We missed the boat trip, because the bad weather. But never mind, we found other interesting things to visiting chocolate shops and shopping a bit. We went back to Brussels late afternoon and left Belgium with the last Eurostar.

We spent 3 really good days in Belgium again. This was the third time, but not the last. I love this country... I really don't know the reason why, but it makes me relaxed and I just feel great! It hasn't got sandy beach, huge mountains or any other special stuff, but has soul, life and great atmosphere.

I had none waffle during the three days. I am proud for myself(on our last trip, I ate 15 waffles on the last day..). I had couple of chocolates and beers, but nothing wrong with that! :)
We found a very interesting chocolate concept store. It called B by B and has chocolate praline in a most weird flavours. The owner is a chef, who runs a restaurant with Micheline stairs. I am really big fun of dark chocolate, but I am not really fuss with the Belgian praline. But, this B by B praline moved my fantasy!

We also found an Oxfam shop, it sells fair trade and organic products. Some money from the profit is going for charity.

Now I try to get back in every day life! :D
I did my last short run this morning and I am off from running at least 10 days. I try to get my left knee sorted. During my non running period I am going to cycle more....

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